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Engine oil brand Valvoline has launched 'Engine Ke Deewane' campaign that features Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli. The campaign aims to celebrate the love and passion of the mechanics for the engines. Valvoline said that, their love for engines has driven them to create innovative products and provide impeccable service for the last 150 years.
short by Roshan Gupta / 10:00 am on 21 Sep
Own a car without buying it : Revv Subscriptions
short by Roshan Gupta / on 18 Sep 2020,Friday
You can now drive a new car every month as Revv provides the option to subscribe to your favourite car for 1-36 months with ₹0 down payment, ₹0 road tax and without the hassle of maintenance and service. The car will be sanitized and delivered to your doorstep ensuring complete safety for you and your loved ones.
short by Roshan Gupta / 09:00 am on 18 Sep
Tesla CEO Elon Musk thanked his employees for "great work", calling the third quarter "definitely one of Tesla's toughest quarters in global logistics." Last week, Musk wrote an e-mail to employees urging them to make and sell as many electric cars as possible before September 30. "We have a shot at a record quarter for vehicle deliveries," he had said.
short by Pragya Swastik / 03:01 pm on 27 Sep
Some Tesla owners unable to unlock their cars after network outage
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 24 Sep 2020,Thursday
Tesla suffered a network outage on Wednesday that left owners of its electric cars unable to use the mobile app. Those without physical key cards were unable to get into their cars as the app holds a digital key. Although phones normally pair with the cars via Bluetooth to unlock the doors, users said they couldn't log into the app.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 09:41 am on 24 Sep
Tesla in talks to set up research centre in Bengaluru: Reports
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 21 Sep 2020,Monday
Elon Musk-owned American electric vehicle company Tesla reportedly held initial talks with Karnataka government officials to discuss setting up a research facility in Bengaluru. State officials are now expected to present a detailed proposal to Tesla executives later this month, as per reports. Musk in July had said that Tesla cars will be available in India by 2020.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 02:03 pm on 21 Sep
Harley-Davidson stops sales and manufacturing in India, lays off 70
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 24 Sep 2020,Thursday
Harley-Davidson on Thursday announced that it is discontinuing its sales and manufacturing operations in India, which will lead to 70 employees being laid off. The US motorcycle maker, which began operations in India in 2009, has an assembly facility in Haryana's Bawal. Harley-Davidson sold just 2,470 units in 2019-20 compared to 3,413 units in 2018-19.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 05:02 pm on 24 Sep
$500 mn swan-shaped concept megayacht with movable neck unveiled
short by Pragya Swastik / on 21 Sep 2020,Monday
Rome-based Lazzarini Design Studio recently unveiled 'Avanguardia', a $500 million concept megayacht shaped like a swan with a movable neck and removable head. The neck and head could be lowered and used as the cockpit, and the head could also be detached and used as a separate 52.49-foot tender. The rear of the deck can hold two electric Jet Capsules.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:56 pm on 21 Sep
Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday denied a report that claimed that Toyota would not expand further in India due to the country's high tax regime. Toyota Kirloskar Motor Vice Chairman Vikram Kirloskar clarified that Toyota will invest over ₹2,000 crore in India in the next 12 months. "The future of sustainable mobility is strong here in India," Kirloskar tweeted.
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:04 pm on 15 Sep
Tesla's value drops $50 bn after Musk's 'Battery Day' announcements
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 23 Sep 2020,Wednesday
Tesla saw a $50 billion dip in value after CEO Elon Musk said on 'Battery Day' that it would take three years to make a $25,000 self-driving car. Investors wiped $20 billion from Tesla's market value within two hours of close of trading, after Musk said it will take several years to halve battery costs and deliver an "affordable" car.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 11:49 am on 23 Sep
Tesla will probably make 20 mn EVs a year by 2030: Elon Musk
short by Aishwarya / on 28 Sep 2020,Monday
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that Tesla will "probably" produce 20 million electric vehicles a year by 2030. However, he added that this would require "consistently excellent execution". In the fourth quarter of 2019, Tesla had achieved record production of almost 105,000 vehicles and record deliveries of approximately 112,000 vehicles.
short by Aishwarya / 09:07 pm on 28 Sep
Australia's Piedmont Lithium has signed a five-year deal to supply high-purity lithium ore mineral to Tesla. The initial agreement entails the supply of about a third of Piedmont Lithium's planned 1.6 lakh-tonnes-per-year spodumene concentrate production. The deal is conditional upon both companies agreeing to start deliveries between July 2022 and July 2023, Piedmont Lithium said.
short by Aishwarya / 04:29 pm on 28 Sep
Amazon's Zoox gets permit for driverless testing in California
short by Aishwarya / on 19 Sep 2020,Saturday
Amazon's California-based self-driving car platform Zoox has received the permit to begin driverless testing on public roads within a designated part of Foster City in California, US. The permit allows Zoox to test two autonomous vehicles without a safety driver. Zoox is the fourth company to receive a driverless testing permit in the state after Waymo, Nuro and AutoX.
short by Aishwarya / 03:59 pm on 19 Sep
Tesla wins case against ex-employee accused of hacking in US
short by Aishwarya / on 18 Sep 2020,Friday
Tesla has won a case in the US against a former employee, Martin Tripp, accused of stealing gigabytes of Tesla's confidential data and transferring it to third parties, court documents showed. Tesla sued Tripp in 2018 claiming he had admitted to writing software that hacked its system. Tripp was also accused of making false statements to media about Tesla.
short by Aishwarya / 03:23 pm on 18 Sep
Nikola stock falls 30% after Executive Chairman Trevor steps down
short by Aishwarya / on 22 Sep 2020,Tuesday
US electric truck maker Nikola's stock plunged as much as 30% on September 21 after its Founder, Trevor Milton, voluntarily stepped down as the Executive Chairman. Currently, Nikola is trading at $27.58 per share. Shares of General Motors, which earlier announced taking an 11% stake in Nikola worth about $2 billion, lost over 6%.
short by Aishwarya / 04:00 pm on 22 Sep
'Battery Day' tech won't reach high-volume production until 2022: Musk
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 22 Sep 2020,Tuesday
Elon Musk said that his electric vehicle company Tesla's 'Battery Day' announcements "will not reach serious high-volume production until 2022." The CEO added that the announcements will "affect long-term production, especially Semi, Cybertruck & Roadster." Musk is set to unveil battery improvements at the event, which is scheduled to be held tomorrow after being postponed due to COVID-19.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 10:45 am on 22 Sep
China's EV startup Xpeng unveils its air taxi prototype
short by Aishwarya / on 27 Sep 2020,Sunday
Chinese EV-maker Xpeng at an event revealed a prototype of an electric and vertical takeoff air taxi Xpeng Heitech, an air taxi startup, is developing with a focus on lower altitudes of 5-25 metres. It can hold up to two passengers and has a capsule-like frame with eight propellers. Xpeng and its CEO He Xiaopeng have invested in Xpeng Heitech.
short by Aishwarya / 07:00 pm on 27 Sep
Tesla Model 3 breaks Guinness World Record as fastest charging EV
short by Hiral Goyal / on 15 Sep 2020,Tuesday
Tesla's Model 3 has entered the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest charging electric vehicle, breaking the previous record by two hours. During Zero Carbon World charity's sponsored run, Formula E racing driver Alexander Sims along with Dean Fielding and David Peilow took the sedan for a 1,376-km journey spending only a little over an hour and half charging.
short by Hiral Goyal / 09:53 pm on 15 Sep
Harley in talks with India's Hero for distribution deal: Report
short by Kiran Khatri / on 26 Sep 2020,Saturday
Harley-Davidson is in advanced talks with India's Hero MotoCorp for a distribution arrangement that will allow the Indian company to sell Harley bikes as its sole distributor, Reuters cited sources. Earlier, Harley said it will shut its manufacturing plant in India. Talks are ongoing to let Hero become a contract manufacturer for at least one Harley motorcycle, sources said.
short by Kiran Khatri / 04:09 pm on 26 Sep
German carmaker Volkswagen has agreed to pay over $6 million in compensation to former workers who were affected by its collaboration with Brazil's dictatorship during 1964-1985. A probe found that Volkswagen helped the dictatorship identify suspected "subversives" and trade unionists, who were then detained and tortured. Workers sued the carmaker five years ago over human rights violations.
short by Kiran Khatri / 03:23 pm on 26 Sep
BMW to pay $18 mn to US to settle claims it inflated sales figures
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 25 Sep 2020,Friday
German automaker BMW will pay $18 million in fine to the US to settle a probe accusing it of inflating US retail sales figures and misleading investors. The US Securities and Exchange Commission said, "BMW misled investors about...customer demand for BMW vehicles in the US market while raising capital." It also accused the firm of paying dealers to fake sales.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 10:26 am on 25 Sep
Volkswagen to sell Bugatti to Croatian supercar maker Rimac: Reports
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 20 Sep 2020,Sunday
German automaker Volkswagen is reportedly looking to sell Bugatti to Croatia-based electric supercar maker Rimac. Volkswagen’s Porsche unit could also reportedly boost its 15.5% stake in Rimac Automobili to as much as 49% to help finance the deal. Volkswagen owns 12 brands, including Skoda, Lamborghini and Audi, and could sell off a few more brands, according to reports.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 12:54 pm on 20 Sep
Govt sanctions 670 e-buses, 241 charging stations under FAME scheme
short by Kiran Khatri / on 25 Sep 2020,Friday
The government has sanctioned 670 electric buses for Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Chandigarh and 241 charging stations in Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Gujarat and Port Blair under Phase II of FAME India Scheme. Heavy Industries Minister Prakash Javadekar said 450 e-buses are already plying in various cities. Phase II is being implemented with a budgetary support of ₹10,000 crore.
short by Kiran Khatri / 09:05 pm on 25 Sep
Rolls-Royce plans to raise up to $3.2 billion
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / on 20 Sep 2020,Sunday
UK-based aero-engine group Rolls-Royce said it is looking to raise around £2.5 billion ($3.2 billion), through a variety of structures "including a rights issue and potentially other forms of equity issuance." It is reportedly in talks with sovereign wealth funds, including Singapore's GIC as part of its fundraising plan. The company had cut 9,000 jobs in May due to COVID-19.
short by Rishabh Bhatnagar / 10:54 am on 20 Sep
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in an email to his employees, urged them to make and sell as many electric cars as possible before September 30, reports said. "We have a shot at a record quarter for vehicle deliveries, but we'll have to rally hard to achieve it," Musk wrote. Tesla reportedly aims to deliver half a million vehicles in 2020.
short by Hiral Goyal / 07:50 pm on 21 Sep
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