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An over 68,000-slice pizza spread across 13,990-square-foot area has been named by Guinness World Records as the world's largest pizza. Pizza Hut teamed up with YouTuber Airrack to set the record in Los Angeles. The world's largest pizza required 6,193 kg of dough and more than 3,990 kg of cheese.
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:48 pm on 21 Jan
A 1908 Strap Tank Harley-Davidson has become the most expensive motorcycle ever sold at an auction after selling for $935,000 (including auction fees) at Mecum Auction in US. The motorcycle was named Strap Tank because its oil and fuel tanks are attached to frame with nickel straps. It's believed to be one of only 12 such models in the world.
short by Anmol Sharma / 11:14 pm on 12 Feb
A picture has gone viral on social media showing a woman carrying a 'Flat(mates) required' placard at a Lucky Ali concert in Bengaluru. "Finding a flat is harder than finding a flatmate," a Twitter user commented on the picture. "Struggle is real," another tweet read. "Desperate times calls for new levels of creativity," another user commented.
short by Anmol Sharma / 03:50 pm on 26 Sep
An 88-year-old man showed up at a hospital in France with World War 1 artillery shell stuck in his rectum. The hospital called for a partial evacuation due to the fear that the antique explosive might detonate. As per a hospital spokesperson, bomb disposal personnel were also called to the hospital. A visceral surgery was performed to remove the object.
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:48 pm on 22 Dec
Bear takes 400 selfies on wildlife camera in US; pics go viral
short by Pragya Swastik / on 29 Jan 2023,Sunday
A bear discovered a wildlife camera used to monitor wildlife across Boulder's open space in the US state of Colorado. Of the 580 photos captured, about 400 were bear selfies. After some bear selfies were shared on Twitter, people reacted with tweets like, "Feeling cute. Might scratch my back on a tree later," and "You owe us 396 bear selfies."
short by Pragya Swastik / 05:47 pm on 29 Jan
A video has gone viral showing an autorickshaw moving in circles without a driver in Maharashtra's Ratnagiri. In the video, several people can be seen trying to stop it. As per reports, the steering of the autorickshaw got locked after the driver fell. It started running around in circular motion before being stopped by the onlookers.
short by Anmol Sharma / 06:52 pm on 06 Dec
A picture of a lion cub taken by US photographer Jennifer Hadley has won the top prize at the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2022. Indian photographer Arshdeep Singh's picture of a 'winking' owlet won the 'Junior Award'. A picture of an Indian Saras Crane attacking a Nilgai from behind, taken by India's Jagdeep Rajput, featured among the 'Highly Commended Winners'.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:52 pm on 12 Dec
A passenger, who boarded Vizag-bound Vande Bharat Express without a ticket in Rajamahendravaram to take pictures of the train, got locked as automatic doors closed. In a video that went viral, the TTE can be heard telling him, " Who gets inside the train to click a picture? Are you mad?" The man was forced to travel up to Vijayawada.
short by Anmol Sharma / 03:55 pm on 18 Jan
US firm plans to offer weddings in space costing ₹1 crore per person
short by Pragya Swastik / on 18 May 2023,Thursday
US-based space travel company Space Perspective is planning to offer 'first-ever' weddings in space. The company's each flight is powered by a SpaceBalloon full of hydrogen which rises at 19 kmph and lifts the Neptune Capsule, a floating lounge with a bar, refreshments, Wi-Fi, and a restroom. Prices start at $125,000 (over ₹1 crore) per seat.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:47 pm on 18 May
A painting by abstract Dutch artist Piet Mondrian, titled 'New York City I', has been hanging upside down in various museums for 75 years, art historian Susanne Meyer-Büser claimed. A photograph of Mondrian's studio, taken few days after his death in 1944, shows the same painting the other way up. It'll continue to be displayed upside down at museums.
short by Anmol Sharma / 08:45 am on 29 Oct
The Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people with the same name was made recently after 178 people named 'Hirokazu Tanaka' gathered at one place in Tokyo, Japan. The meeting was arranged by Hirokazu Tanaka, a corporate employee from Tokyo. This was the third attempt by the Hirokazu Tanakas to create a record in their name successfully.
short by Pragya Swastik / 05:44 pm on 30 Oct
A video has gone viral on social media that showed two groomsmen of an Indian groom arriving at his wedding venue in the US in sarees and bindi. The video showed the two men in saree walking down Michigan Avenue with the bride and surprising the groom. "That is so wholesome. Absolutely adorable," an Instagram user commented on the video.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:45 pm on 15 Nov
ATM shows people's pics, ranks them by their bank balance in US
short by Pragya Swastik / on 05 Dec 2022,Monday
A video of an ATM in the US that shows the users' pictures alongside their bank account balances on a ranked leaderboard has gone viral on social media. The ATM was installed by the Brooklyn art collective MSCHF as an art installation at Art Basel Miami. "ATM Leaderboard is an extremely literal distillation of wealth-flaunting impulses," MSCHF Co-founder said.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:46 pm on 05 Dec
Huge mysterious object appears on a beach in US, pics surface
short by Anmol Sharma / on 06 Dec 2022,Tuesday
Beachgoers in Florida discovered a huge mysterious object buried underneath the sand, with pictures of it surfacing online. The object began protruding out of the sand after Hurricanes Ian and Nicole battered Volusia County earlier this year, an official said. The object appears to be a wooden structure and looks like pieces of wood poking out for about 80 feet.
short by Anmol Sharma / 05:48 pm on 06 Dec
US man wins 3 lotteries totalling over ₹1 crore using same numbers
short by Pragya Swastik / on 23 Apr 2023,Sunday
The 52-year-old truck driver from the US has won $50,000 playing Pick 5 lottery for the third time (over ₹1 crore in total) within a year. He put a $1 straight bet on his number, 48548. "It hit last year and it hit again...My wife said, 'Let's play this number' and we kept winning with it," the man said.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:48 pm on 23 Apr
A video has gone viral on social media showing guests at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh's Amroha district being allowed to enter the venue only after showing their Aadhaar cards. The hosts checked Aadhaar cards after a large number of guests turned up to the wedding, with many seeming to be strangers.
short by Anmol Sharma / 05:53 pm on 25 Sep
A jail in Uttarakhand's Haldwani will offer a "real imprisonment experience" to tourists for ₹500/night. The prison, built in 1903, has an abandoned portion which is being prepared for "jail guests", officials said. They said it will also be useful for people who are advised to spend time in prison by astrologers to ward off 'bandhan yog' that predicts imprisonment.
short by Apaar Sharma / 03:35 pm on 28 Sep
A pet cat named Fenrir Antares Powers, which lives in US' Michigan, has been confirmed by the Guinness World Records as the world's tallest living domestic cat. Fenrir measures 47.83 cm (18.83 in). Fenrir is the brother of Arcturus Aldebaran Powers, who formerly held the record before passing away. Arcturus measured in at 48.40 cm (19.05 in).
short by Anmol Sharma / 02:53 pm on 05 Oct
Pic of rare wave clouds in US goes viral
short by Anmol Sharma / on 09 Dec 2022,Friday
A picture of rare wave cloud formation in US' Wyoming has gone viral on social media. The phenomenon was visible on Tuesday above the crest of the Bighorn Mountains in the city of Sheridan. Such formation is known as Kelvin-Helmholtz. It is formed when a faster stream of air moves above rising air below.
short by Anmol Sharma / 08:54 pm on 09 Dec
Pictures of a 10-room house falling in both Maharashtra and Telangana have surfaced online. The house in Chandrapur has half of its rooms in Maharashtra and remaining in Telangana. The owner of the house said, "Our house is divided between Maharashtra and Telangana...but till today we haven't had any problem with it. We pay property tax in both the states."
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:30 pm on 15 Dec
A picture of DD Sports showing a Microsoft Excel sheet instead of scorecard while re-airing a Khelo India University Games shooting match has gone viral. Reacting to the picture, a Twitter user commented, "Excel 2007. 15 years of no update." "They'd want to activate their Windows as well," wrote another. "At least they added colours and borders," another tweet read.
short by Anmol Sharma / 03:44 pm on 25 Jan
British artist Sam Cox, popularly known as 'Mr Doodle', has completely covered his mansion with doddles drawn by him in two years. The mansion, initially bought by the artist for more than ₹12 crore, now has every inch, from his bedding to his microwave and even door knobs, covered in doodles. He called it his "best piece of work".
short by Pragya Swastik / 10:51 pm on 03 Oct
Pictures of 11 pens on which a law student wrote notes to cheat in an exam have gone viral after a professor at the Spain's University of Málaga shared them on Twitter. "Tidying up my office, I found this university relic that we confiscated from a student a few years ago," the professor tweeted. "What an art," she added.
short by Pragya Swastik / 03:44 pm on 13 Oct
As many as 40 photographs from around the globe have been shortlisted for the 2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. These include a 'farting zebra', a 'superhero squirrel', a 'winking fox', a 'horrified monkey' and a couple of monkeys playing doctors and nurses. Voting on the images will close on November 27 and the winners will be announced on December 8.
short by Pragya Swastik / 10:28 pm on 20 Oct
The world's heaviest radish weighing 45.865 kg has been grown by a Japanese manufacturer of supplements and special fertilizers, Guinness World Records said. "The regular radish is harvested in three months, but this particular radish was harvested after six months. It had a circumference of 113 cm, and the root length was 80 cm," GWR added.
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:54 pm on 17 Mar
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