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US-based FinanceBuzz has announced it will pay $1,300 (over ₹95,000) to an individual to become a 'Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst' by watching 13 horror movies in 10 days. The candidate will be sent a fitness tracker to record heart rate while watching the films. FinanceBuzz wants to find out whether the size of a movie's budget impacts its effectiveness.
short by Pragya Swastik / 11:09 pm on 13 Sep
Underground car parking termed 'very rare' sells for ₹1.16 crore in UK
short by Pragya Swastik / on 08 Sep 2021,Wednesday
A car parking space in the UK that has been described as "very rare" was sold for £115,000 (over ₹1.16 crore). The "good size" parking space is in a secure underground garage with an electric gate and lighting, the seller said. "The garage occupies a highly sought-after position, just a very short walk from shops, galleries and restaurants," it added.
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:49 pm on 08 Sep
America's famous 'Skinny House' in Boston, that's about 10 feet wide at its widest point and narrows in the back to about 9.25 feet, has been sold for $1.25 million (over ₹9.21 crore). The four-storey house built in 1862 is about 1,165 square feet (108 square metres). It has two bedrooms and one bathroom and includes a private deck.
short by Pragya Swastik / 05:47 pm on 19 Sep
American rapper Doja Cat wore unique outfits while hosting the MTV Video Music Awards in New York. She was seen wearing a 'chair hat', a hat with a chair mounted on it, which the rapper later used for sitting. She was also seen in a pair of 'chicken feet' shoes and an outfit that made her look like a 'worm'.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:09 pm on 13 Sep
Belgium woman banned from zoo for having an 'affair' with chimpanzee
short by Apaar Sharma / on 23 Aug 2021,Monday
A woman has been banned from visiting a zoo in Belgium after she said she was having an "affair" with a chimpanzee. Adie Timmermans has been visiting the 38-year-old chimpanzee, Chita, for four years and the two used to blow kisses and wave at each other. The zoo said this wasn't good for Chita as other chimpanzees started excluding him.
short by Apaar Sharma / 02:26 pm on 23 Aug
An off-grid house right by the sea, with no internet or electricity, is up for sale in the UK's Devon with an asking price of £550,000 (over ₹5.5 crore). The two-bedroom house with 1,345 sq ft of interior space has no mains water supply and water is supplied by a rainwater harvesting system. Multi-fuel burners provide heating in the house.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:41 pm on 05 Sep
US woman with prosthetic leg sets new running world record
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 14 Aug 2021,Saturday
A US woman with a prosthetic leg set a new world record for the 'fastest 100 miles on a treadmill' under Guinness World Records' new Impairment Records Initiative. Her left leg was amputated below the knee when she was involved in a motorcycle crash in 1994. The woman completed the 100 miles in 21 hours, 43 minutes and 29 seconds.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 02:58 pm on 14 Aug
UK man gets 700 cards from strangers for 101st b'day; 1 from Queen
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 17 Aug 2021,Tuesday
A UK widower who stays in a care home and will turn 101 on August 19 received 700 cards from strangers across the world, including one card from Queen Elizabeth. The care home manager asked people to send in cards to cheer the 100-year-old RAF veteran up after he learned his Australia-based daughter could not visit due to COVID-19 protocols.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 12:16 pm on 17 Aug
800-kg walrus to get 'floating couch' after sinking 2 boats in Ireland
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 19 Aug 2021,Thursday
An 800-kg walrus called Wally will get a 'floating couch' after he sank two boats in Ireland while trying to climb on to them. The Seal Rescue Ireland (SRI) has appealed to the public to donate a 'floatation couch' like an unused pontoon for Wally to rest on. This will be placed in the harbour if Wally is spotted again.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 06:15 pm on 19 Aug
Authorities investigating 'body' in US river find man relaxing instead
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 20 Aug 2021,Friday
The fire department in Tulsa, Oklahoma took to Twitter to share that the "body in the river" they were called to investigate was a "man just laying in the water". The video in the post shows the man sitting up after firefighters approached him to check for signs of life. "Please...find alternate ways to stay cool!" the caption read.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 03:31 pm on 20 Aug
US policeman jumps on to subway tracks to rescue man as train approaches
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 20 Aug 2021,Friday
The video of a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer jumping on to subway tracks to rescue an unconscious man as the train approaches was recently posted on Instagram. The cop was helped by a "good samaritan" and the duo were able to save the man who had fallen face-first on the tracks. The man reportedly had a seizure.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:35 pm on 20 Aug
Korean man finds ₹96 lakh taped to kimchi fridge; returns it to cops
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 17 Aug 2021,Tuesday
A South Korean man recently discovered $130,000 (₹96 lakh) taped to the bottom of a secondhand kimchi fridge and turned it over to the cops. In a report dated August 6, the man told the police he found the money while cleaning the fridge he ordered online. If the owner cannot be traced, the money will be returned to him.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 12:31 pm on 17 Aug
29-yr-old US man rides bus to high school; charged with trespassing
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 14 Aug 2021,Saturday
A 29-year-old US man has been charged with trespassing after he rode a school bus and walked into a high school, authorities said. The man was reportedly standing on a roadside with papers and a binder when a substitute bus driver mistook him for a student and picked him up. Police were called when he entered the school facility.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:28 pm on 14 Aug
US man wins $5.5 mn lawsuit against bar that got him 'too drunk'
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 18 Aug 2021,Wednesday
A Texas-based man recently won a $5.5 million (₹40.8 crore) lawsuit against a bar after getting into a drunken fight in the bar's parking lot in 2019. The lawsuit claimed the restaurant and bartender were negligent in their actions and allowed him to get "too drunk", leading to a fight. The man has previously been arrested for public intoxication.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:26 pm on 18 Aug
US fast food chain employee throws scissors at customer; video viral
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 18 Aug 2021,Wednesday
The video of a Chipotle employee in Baltimore, US throwing scissors at a customer who complained after his order was delayed by 20-30 minutes has gone viral on Facebook. The police is reportedly investigating the incident that occurred on August 10. The employee can be seen arguing with the customer in the video before hurling the scissors at him.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:41 pm on 18 Aug
Senegal man dresses as woman to take girlfriend's exam; caught
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 18 Aug 2021,Wednesday
A man in Senegal dressed as a woman to take his girlfriend's high school graduation exams because he feared she would not clear them. While he got away with it for three days, an invigilator noticed something strange about his appearance on the fourth day and handed him over to the police. He reportedly wore make-up, a headscarf and earrings.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:47 pm on 18 Aug
Video of 2 baby albino alligators born in Florida zoo goes viral
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 20 Aug 2021,Friday
Officials at a zoo in Florida recently announced the birth of two baby albino alligators in a Facebook video that has since gone viral online. The zookeepers in the video said that the newborns' parents, Blizzard and Snowflake, also gave birth to albino alligators last year, making them "back-to-back champions". "We're really excited," the officials added.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 03:46 pm on 20 Aug
Video of 10-ft python in spice aisle of Aus supermarket surfaces
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 18 Aug 2021,Wednesday
A video of a 10-foot-long python slithering through the spice aisle of a local Australian supermarket was recently shared on Facebook. The supermarket said the snake was safely relocated by a former volunteer snake catcher who was present in the store during the incident. The snake catcher said the python was "mellow" and "almost...asking" to be taken outside.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:53 pm on 18 Aug
US man puts 6 kidney beans in his private parts as a 'sex experiment'
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 21 Aug 2021,Saturday
A US man inserted six kidney beans in his private parts as a "sex experiment" but was hospitalised when he couldn't "express the beans during ejaculation" as planned. He told doctors he had tried the sex act before but never used this many beans. The beans measured 15 millimetres by 7 millimetres and were removed from his urethra and bladder.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:10 pm on 21 Aug
US-based man carries 22-ft snake over his shoulder in viral video
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 17 Aug 2021,Tuesday
A US-based zoo-founder, Jay Brewer's video of him carrying a 22-foot-long, 113-kg snake over his shoulder has gone viral on Instagram with over 7.1 lakh views since it was posted. One Instagram user commented, "She looks like a curious child, what a nice ride." Brewer routinely shares videos featuring reptiles like snakes and crocodiles, and has over 4.4 million followers.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 05:23 pm on 17 Aug
Blind diner gets braille b'day message from UK restaurant; video viral
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 19 Aug 2021,Thursday
A video that shows the staff of a London restaurant surprising a visually-impaired diner with an edible, braille 'Happy birthday' message went viral on TikTok with 8.7 million views in 24 hours. The text on the video read, "They had the chef write Happy Birthday in BRAILLE!!!...using melted chocolate." The 48-second clip has received over 25,000 comments.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 03:40 pm on 19 Aug
25-ft rubber duck with 'Joy' written on it appears in US harbour
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 19 Aug 2021,Thursday
A 25-foot rubber duck with the word "Joy" written on it mysteriously appeared in a harbour in Maine, US over the weekend. An official at the Belfast Harbour reportedly said it doesn't pose a navigational hazard and "everyone loves it". She added that she has no idea who owns it but "a lot of people" want to keep it there.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:39 pm on 19 Aug
Pope Francis receives foosball table as gift, plays one round
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 19 Aug 2021,Thursday
Pope Francis, a Buenos Aires' San Lorenzo football club fan, was recently gifted a new foosball table by representatives of a Tuscany-based table football association in Altopascio. Pope Francis also played a round when it was presented to him. The mayor of Altopascio in a Facebook post said the table was designed to be inclusive for people with physical disabilities.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 06:41 pm on 19 Aug
Wrongly convicted US 'witch' to be pardoned because of 8th-graders
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 21 Aug 2021,Saturday
A Massachusetts woman who was wrongly convicted of witchcraft in 1693 and sentenced to death will likely be pardoned 328 years later, because of a group of eighth-graders. In 2020, students at a Massachusetts middle school began researching the conviction and the steps that would lead to her pardon. Consequently, a Democrat senator introduced a bill to clear her name.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 04:06 pm on 21 Aug
Man urinates in UK couple's driveway after delivering food order
short by Maanya Sachdeva / on 17 Aug 2021,Tuesday
CCTV camera footage showed an Uber Eats driver urinating in a Liverpool-based couple's driveway after delivering their McDonald's order. The delivery rider arrived on a bicycle and relieved himself next to their car after handing over the package. Earlier this year, another UK customer complained on Twitter that an Uber Eats personnel had urinated at the corner of his house.
short by Maanya Sachdeva / 12:23 pm on 17 Aug
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