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TREAD releases a new variant of their bike at price of ₹29,900
short by Roshan Gupta / on 31 May 2021,Monday
TREAD recently unveiled a new variant of their smart indoor exercise cycle at an inaugural price of ₹29,900. This new version of TREAD One without a screen, allows people to connect their smartphones/tabs/TV with the bike to enjoy expert trainers-led live and on-demand classes with workout formats including cycling, yoga, cardio, and strength training offered on TREAD's platform.
short by Roshan Gupta / 08:00 am on 31 May
Spotify's 'Ruk Jaana Nahi' aims to share stories of hope amid COVID-19 pandemic. Streaming in June, the eight-episode series is hosted by actor Rajkummar Rao. It seeks to hail tales of selfless superheroes such as doctors choosing duty over personal loss, people with limited resources helping at their personal expenses and young Indians connecting patients with medical facilities using technology.
short by Roshan Gupta / 10:00 am on 06 Jun
National Poker Series, hosted on, offering a ₹15 crore-prize pool and 192 medals across 64 tournaments, kickstarted on June 13. Marquee tournament, Golden Rush, with a ₹1,00,00,000-prize pool and ₹550 buy-in, gives players daily chances to qualify for its finale on June 27. On NPS final podium, three grand medals will be given, inducting Indian poker's first gold medalist.
short by Aarish / 01:44 pm on 13 Jun
1000% increase in women investors on platform: CoinSwitch Kuber
short by Roshan Gupta / on 18 Jun 2021,Friday
A 2019 study by GrayScale found that 93% of women respondents expressed interest in Bitcoin investment, provided there is better education around it. According to CoinSwitch Kuber, it recorded a 1000% increase in women investors on its platform. Women's growing interest in this asset class could be attributed to its 500% gain last year, the company added.
short by Roshan Gupta / 10:08 am on 18 Jun
Country Delight partnered with Amazon Prime Video for the launch promotion of The Family Man Season 2. The promo features Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant Tiwari from the web series confirming his trust in Country Delight cow and buffalo milk to keep his family safe and healthy, the company said. Country Delight promises doorstep delivery of natural cow and buffalo milk.
short by Roshan Gupta / 09:00 am on 30 May
WazirX announces the launch of South Asia’s first NFT marketplace
short by Roshan Gupta / on 04 Jun 2021,Friday
Cryptocurrency exchange platform WazirX announced the launch of South Asia's first-ever NFT marketplace, which will feature artworks by photographers, artists, and mixed media professionals. The company said the platform involves a minimal gas fee of $1 and comes without any listing price. Users can buy and sell NFT through the platform's native token WRX, it added.
short by Roshan Gupta / 11:00 am on 04 Jun
Hershey India provides 1 million Hershey products to frontline workers
short by Roshan Gupta / on 19 Jun 2021,Saturday
Hershey India announced that it distributed one million Hershey products to frontline workers in the wake of the second pandemic wave in India. The company said it donated 500 concentrators and $50,000 to support Covid warriors. These Hershey Cares initiatives are in partnership with hospitals and NGOs such as Hemkunt Foundation, KVN Foundation, Portea, GiveIndia, IFBN, Milaap and SaveLife Foundation.
short by Roshan Gupta / 11:57 am on 19 Jun
Country Delight launches its 'Mango Diet' campaign
short by Roshan Gupta / on 05 Jun 2021,Saturday
Country Delight offers to fulfil the summer mango mania for its customers with its latest digital video commercial on Mango Diet. The daily essentials brand added Ratnagiri Alphonso and Kesar Mangoes to its farm-to-home offering. Country Delight's subscription model enables customers to get farm-fresh cow milk, buffalo milk, and seasonal fruits & vegetables at their doorstep every day.
short by Roshan Gupta / 10:41 am on 05 Jun
A 25-metre-long transparent swimming pool built at a height of 115 feet between two skyscrapers recently opened in London. Currently, the pool, which seems to "float in the air", is only open to those living in the exclusive blocks. The rent of the high-end development starts at about ₹1.85 lakh and can go up to ₹6.72 lakh per month.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:11 pm on 02 Jun
A 21-year-old freediver helped an Indian-origin couple find their engagement ring from the bottom of England's largest natural lake, Lake Windermere. The couple lost the white gold and diamond ring in the lake just two days after their engagement. The diver, Angus Hosking, found the ring after 20 minutes of searching with an underwater metal detector.
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:07 pm on 30 May
The New York Times mistakenly published a mock article titled "Fields of Watermelons Found On Mars". It was later retracted by NYT saying, "The mock article intended for a testing system was inadvertently published." The article's screenshots went viral on Twitter, with comments like, "Rise of fruit aliens is to blame," and "If anything I thought it'd be musk melons."
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:19 pm on 09 Jun
One-year-old dog named Aika, who was stranded on floating ice in the Arctic, was rescued by Russian sailors, a video of which has surfaced online. "We investigated all options for lifting the animal from the ice and placed a ceremonial ladder which the dog used to get on board," a rescuer said. Aika had been missing for over a week.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 09:35 pm on 09 Jun
A replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa fetched €2.9 million (over ₹25 crore) at a Christie's auction in Paris. Organisers had estimated its price at between €200,000-€300,000. It's thought to have been painted in early 1600s by an anonymous Italian artist. "This is madness, it's an absolute record for a Mona Lisa reproduction," a Christie's spokesperson said.
short by Daisy Mowke / 07:00 am on 20 Jun
After 37-year-old Gosiame Sithole from Gauteng, South Africa claimed she gave birth to 10 babies in the same pregnancy, Gauteng government responded to public enquiry. "None of the hospitals in the province, public and private, have any records of such a delivery," Gauteng government said. Her husband was quoted as saying she gave birth to seven boys and three girls.
short by Daisy Mowke / 03:53 pm on 10 Jun
In many parts of Gippsland in Victoria, Australia, blankets of spider webs have covered vast areas after flash floods swept through the region. Flooded roads and paddocks disrupted the local spider populations, which are now seeking higher ground on road signs, trees and any tall grass they can find. Experts said the spiders do not pose any harm.
short by Daisy Mowke / 08:30 pm on 15 Jun
A video has surfaced showing a man in Tamil Nadu's Madurai worshipping bottles of liquor that he bought from a liquor store, as the state government allowed the reopening of TASMAC shops in 27 districts from today. The video shared by ANI shows the man performing 'aarti' in front of the bottles, which he is also seen kissing.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 09:40 pm on 14 Jun
Gucci sells 'kurta' for ₹2.5 lakh; social media users react
short by Ankush Verma / on 03 Jun 2021,Thursday
Italian fashion house Gucci is selling a dress resembling traditional Indian kurta for $3,500 (over ₹2.5 lakh) on its website. Reacting to the price of the dress, a Twitter user wrote, "I'll get the same thing for 500 bucks." "Who is shelling out that kind of $$$ for a kurta that ammi bought me...for 300 rupees," another Twitter user wrote.
short by Ankush Verma / 02:09 pm on 03 Jun
In a photo that has gone viral, BBC newsreader Shaun Ley is seen wearing shorts under the desk while reading news live. He was presenting news on Wednesday, UK's hottest day of 2021 so far. While he was wearing a jacket and a tie from the waist up, viewers spotted the shorts as the camera panned to a wider view.
short by Daisy Mowke / 10:39 pm on 04 Jun
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation replied to a man seeking to know if metro services would be available during the weekends as he has to meet his girlfriend. DMRC shared a 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' GIF featuring Amrish Puri and wrote, "Metro chalu hai mere dost. Ja jee le apni zindagi (Metro services are available, my friend. Go live your life)."
short by Arshiya Chopra / 05:09 pm on 11 Jun
Russian nail salon Nail Sunny has been criticised after they used live fish in their recent 'aquarium' nail art. In the now deleted tutorial video on Instagram, it inserted real fish in an acrylic nail. "Using animals as if they were nothing more than beauty accessories is sad and stupid," PETA UK Director Elisa Allen said while criticising the salon.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 05:08 pm on 08 Jun
A video of wolves chasing actors across the stage during a live show in China has gone viral on social media, with people raising concerns about safety of performers and audience. The video shows that the wolves even jumped into the aisles between the audience seats. "These wolves are safe and won't hurt people," the theatre's owner said.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 09:52 pm on 19 Jun
Thomas Vijayan won Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2021. Vijayan, hailing from Kerala and now settled in Canada, shot the picture titled 'The World is Going Upside Down', in Borneo. "I selected a tree that was in water...The water formed a mirror...Then I climbed...the tree and waited for hours," said Vijayan, who got £1,500 (₹1.5 lakh) cash prize.
short by Daisy Mowke / 06:00 pm on 04 Jun
A 25-year-old man searching for shark teeth in a river in Florida was attacked by a nine-foot-long alligator who grabbed his head in between his jaws, he revealed. Jeffrey Heim said he didn't "flail around" and was calm before moving backwards slowly to escape the alligator. Heim added that he received 34 stitches and suffered a mild skull fracture.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 04:25 pm on 05 Jun
You Jianxia from China has broken her own record for the longest eyelash (4.88 inches), that she held since 2016. Jianxia's eyelashes continued to grow over the years, and on 20 May 2021, it was confirmed that the new longest eyelash was 20.5 cm (8 inches). "The longest eyelash...was found on...upper eyelid of her left eye," wrote Guinness World Records.
short by Daisy Mowke / 11:13 pm on 11 Jun
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