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IIT Madras, in collaboration with upGrad has launched an online program 'Advanced Certification in Machine Learning & Cloud' for working professionals. It aims to transition 50-selected students to in-demand machine learning roles by teaching machine learning model deployment using cloud technology. The 9-month course includes strong career services and practical applications by industry mentors.
short by Roshan Gupta / 11:31 am on 14 Nov
Springboard mentors help learners master Data Science
short by Roshan Gupta / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
Springboard helps professionals master Data Science by enabling 1:1 mentorship where every learner is matched to a personal mentor, career coach, TA and student advisor, all invested to ensure their transition into Data Science. Mentors work 1:1 with learners to help them build industry relevant projects, share industry insights to connect learning with implementation and maintain accountability.
short by Roshan Gupta / 09:00 am on 15 Nov
World's oldest captive white rhino Sana dies in French zoo aged 55
short by Anmol Sharma / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
The world's oldest captive white rhino, South African-born Sana, died at the age of 55 at a French zoo, where it was kept for last 26 years. The zoo in a statement said Sana was no longer able to roll in the mud, which helps rhinos regulate their body temperature. Her death has "deeply affected" her caretakers, the zoo added.
short by Anmol Sharma / 10:33 pm on 14 Nov
New NASA app lets users plan & run commercial crew space missions
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
NASA has unveiled its 'Rocket Science: Ride 2 Station' app that lets users plan and run simulated commercial missions to space, from spacecraft selection to the actual launch and docking process. The app contains bios for 10 actual astronauts to choose from, including Sunita Williams. However, Rocket Science: Ride 2 Station is currently limited only to iOS and the web.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 12:36 pm on 14 Nov
India has incredible potential in health sector, says Bill Gates
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates, in a recent interview, said that India has incredible potential in sectors including health and IT. "India supplies about half of the units of vaccines that get made in the world," he said. Gates further added that the 'Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation' has had great partnerships with many groups in India about doing new vaccines.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 04:02 pm on 16 Nov
Virgin Galactic starts program to prepare its space tourists
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
Billionaire Richard Branson-led aerospace firm Virgin Galactic has begun its "Astronaut Readiness Program" this week, a preparatory course that all of its commercial passengers will undertake. Virgin Galactic has over 600 customers from 60 nations signed up to fly aboard its SpaceShipTwo spacecraft. The spacecraft reaches sub-orbital space and provides a 90-minute flight, for $250,000 per ticket.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 10:20 am on 16 Nov
NASA's Curiosity rover finds mysterious oxygen fluctuation on Mars
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
NASA has revealed that for the first time in the history of space exploration, scientists have measured seasonal changes in gases that fill the air directly above the surface of Mars' Gale Crater. NASA's Curiosity rover noticed mysterious fluctuations in oxygen levels. "Oxygen...behaves in a way that so far scientists cannot explain through any known chemical processes," NASA added.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 06:00 pm on 14 Nov
9-yr-old panda found with 1 kidney smaller than other gets CT scan
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
A Berlin zoo has revealed that nine-year-old male panda Jiao Qing underwent a CT scan after veterinarians discovered one of his kidneys was smaller than the other on an ultrasound. The 110-kilogram panda underwent the scan while under anaesthesia to confirm the difference in sizes. Qing's urine will be tested to determine whether the smaller kidney is functioning properly.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 07:30 pm on 14 Nov
Photons split irreversibly after frozen to Bose-Einstein condensate
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
Germany's Bonn University and Cologne University physicists cooled photons down to a 'Bose-Einstein condensate' in order to split photons and collect them in optical "valleys" from which they can't return. Physicists used a Bose-Einstein condensate made of photons, which physicist Martin Weitz achieved in 2010. The photons in the 'valleys' "enter the lowest energy state of the system", Weitz said.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 02:10 pm on 15 Nov
NASA paid $4 billion to fly 70 astronauts to ISS on Russian rockets
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
NASA paid nearly $4 billion to Russia to fly 70 of its astronauts to and from the International Space Station as of July 2019, aboard Soyuz spacecraft. NASA had terminated its Space Shuttle Program to transport its astronauts in 2011 after two of the orbiters exploded mid-flight. The explosions had claimed the lives of a total of 14 people.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 03:04 pm on 16 Nov
NASA releases video showing Mercury passing between Earth, Sun
short by Ankush Verma / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
NASA on Wednesday released a video showing Mercury passing between Earth and Sun on November 11. "A rare event we won't be able to see again until 2032. Our Solar Dynamics Observatory, which views the Sun in a variety of wavelengths of light in the extreme ultraviolet, tracked Mercury's journey," NASA said on Instagram.
short by Ankush Verma / 01:05 pm on 14 Nov
NASA's Terra satellite captures 'devastating' bushfires in Aus
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
NASA shared an image of the "devastating" bushfires and the smoke from Australia, captured by its Terra satellite on November 13. Approximately 69 fires were still raging in New South Wales according to its Facebook page and more than 70 were burning to the south in Queensland, NASA stated. Close to 2.7 million acres have burned since September, it added.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 04:00 pm on 14 Nov
ISRO sets Nov 2020 deadline for Chandrayaan-3, starts work: Report
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
ISRO has reportedly started work on India's third Moon mission, Chandrayaan-3, and has set a deadline of November 2020 for it. ISRO will make its second attempt at an autonomous soft-landing on Moon, after having failed to do so earlier on September 7 with Chandrayaan-2's Vikram Lander. Chandrayaan-3 will reportedly comprise a newly designed and built lander and rover.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 01:12 pm on 14 Nov
Orbits of Neptune's moons locked in a 'dance of avoidance': NASA
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
NASA revealed that Neptune's two innermost moons Naiad and Thalassa orbit only about 1,850 kilometres apart but they never get that close to each other. "Naiad's orbit is tilted and perfectly timed. Every time it passes the slower-moving Thalassa, the two are about 3,540 kilometres apart," NASA said. "Orbital dynamics experts are calling it a 'dance of avoidance'," NASA added.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 12:04 pm on 15 Nov
12 IAF pilots shortlisted for India's first human space mission
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
The Indian Air Force (IAF) has shortlisted 12 pilots from total 60 for India's first human space mission Gaganyaan with help from Russian space experts. Of the 12, seven pilots have already been to Russia for training. "Most of the people who were rejected by Russians had dental problems," chief selection officer from IAF's Institute of Aerospace Medicine (IAM) said.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 12:41 pm on 16 Nov
'Spray-on' bandages to deliver medicine directly to wounds made
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 14 Nov 2019,Thursday
Montana Technological University researchers have created a portable 'electrospinning' device that can "spray" a thin layer of fibres onto damaged skin. The device could potentially be used to deliver medicine, laced in the fibres, to wounds. Researchers revealed that their device differs from past methods as they required a wound to be placed directly into an electric field path.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 09:00 pm on 14 Nov
Ferromagnetic, shiny form of carbon discovered 'accidentally'
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
Researchers managed to discover a new form of carbon that shows ferromagnetism while they were attempting to synthesize penta-graphene. The newly discovered form of carbon is harder than stainless steel, about as conductive, and as reflective as a polished aluminium mirror. A 50 nanometers thick film of the material was found to reflect more than 90% of incoming light.
short by Dishant Sharma / 07:45 pm on 15 Nov
Living great apes smarter than pre-human ancestor species: Study
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
A University of Adelaide research claims the living great apes are smarter than the pre-human ancestor Australopithecus, who in comparison had a larger brain. The study compared the rate of blood flow to the cognitive part of the brain, based on the size of the holes in the skulls of 96 great ape skulls and 11 Australopithecus fossil skulls.
short by Dishant Sharma / 05:56 pm on 15 Nov
Researchers make rapid light-rerouting switch for computer chips
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed an optical switch that routes light from one computer chip to another in just 20 billionths of a second. The compact switch is the first to operate at voltages low enough to be integrated onto low-cost silicon chips and redirects light with very low signal loss.
short by Dishant Sharma / 08:01 pm on 15 Nov
Catalyst that raises hydrogen's energy storage by 20 times, found
short by Dishant Sharma / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
A team of Dutch scientists have found that using hollow nanocages of an alloy of nickel and platinum as a catalyst results in a 20-fold increase in the activity of both solutions in a hydrogen-based fuel cell electrolyzer. "I hope that we will soon be able to install an electrolyzer in every neighbourhood," researcher Emiel Hensen said.
short by Dishant Sharma / 05:29 pm on 16 Nov
Hologram-like device animates objects using ultrasound waves
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
Researchers in Sussex have built a device that displays 3D animated objects using ultrasound waves. The device uses a 3D field of ultrasound waves to levitate a 2mm-wide polystyrene bead and whip it at speeds nearing 20 miles-per-hour to trace aerial shapes. Researchers aim to allow 3D interactive communications on the device, similar to the technology seen in 'Star Wars'.
short by Dishant Sharma / 05:15 pm on 15 Nov
Hiccups in infants related to brain growth: Study
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
A new study published by University College London researchers has stated that hiccups in infants, caused by sudden contractions of the diaphragm, trigger electrical activity in the brain which could help babies learn breathing regulation. The babies' brain activity was recorded with electrodes attached to the scalp, while hiccuping movements were monitored with sensors on the babies' torso.
short by Dishant Sharma / 06:07 pm on 15 Nov
Lithium reverses damage caused by brain tumor radiotherapy: Study
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
In their studies on mice, researchers at the Karolinska Institutet have shown that the drug lithium can help to reverse the damage caused by radiotherapy to treat brain tumour. The damage caused by the radiotherapy can cause deficiencies in memory and learning. Notably, lithium is a drug that is already given to adults and children with bipolar disease.
short by Dishant Sharma / 09:09 pm on 15 Nov
Earth core-like pressures makes Lead hard like steel: Study
short by Dishant Sharma / on 15 Nov 2019,Friday
A new study has found that the element Lead (Pb) when introduced to high pressures, similar to the core of Earth, undergoes hardening and turns from soft to extremely strong. The combination of high pressure, pressure-induced hardening and polymorphism results in an average inferred flow stress of around 3.8 GPa at high pressure, an approximately 250-fold increase.
short by Dishant Sharma / 06:19 pm on 15 Nov
Gene transfer from bacteria helped plants migrate to land: Study
short by Dishant Sharma / on 16 Nov 2019,Saturday
A new study by an international group of scientists has stated that the 'terrestrialization' of plants from water to land was made possible when genes from soil bacteria were transferred to algae through a process called horizontal gene transfer. Researchers discovered algae that received key genes from soil bacteria to survive harsh terrestrial environments and eventually evolve into plant flora.
short by Dishant Sharma / 03:34 pm on 16 Nov
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