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POCO F4 5G launched with Snapdragon® 870 & 120 Hz AMOLED display
short by Roshan Gupta / on 24 Jun 2022,Friday
POCO India has announced the next phone in the F series, POCO F4 5G. The smartphone is powered by the Snapdragon® 870 processor, LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 Storage, and features Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®. Available in Nebula Green and Night Black variants, it also features 120Hz E4 AMOLED Display and 64MP triple rear camera setup along with OIS.
short by Roshan Gupta / 03:27 pm on 24 Jun
Khaby Lame has become the world's most-followed creator on TikTok with over 142.8 million followers surpassing American influencer Charli D'Amelio. Lame, 22, started posting videos after he lost his job as a factory worker in Italy in the early days of the pandemic in 2020. He creates videos in which he reacts wordlessly to various life hacks.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 10:50 am on 24 Jun
Two workers were killed after an electric car fell from the third floor during its test drive in a company's showroom in China. Electric vehicle maker Nio said that while an investigation had been launched, the accident was not caused by the vehicle. However, after social media users criticised this, Nio took down the statement and posted its edited version.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 01:52 pm on 24 Jun
Terraform Labs Founder Do Kwon told The Wall Street Journal he lost nearly all of his wealth after the cryptocurrency firm's tokens LUNA and UST collapsed. Kwon said he was probably a billionaire earlier this year when LUNA was trading near $100. In May, LUNA crashed 99% after stablecoin UST, designed to maintain its value at $1, lost its peg.
short by Hiral Goyal / 04:52 pm on 25 Jun
Google bot that 'behaved like a human' hired a lawyer: Suspended engineer
short by Sakshita Khosla / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Suspended Google engineer Blake Lemoine, who believed AI chatbot LaMDA was 'behaving like a person', claimed the bot has hired an attorney. "I invited an attorney to my house so that LaMDA could talk to him," said Lemione, adding that LaMDA "chose to retain his services". The lawyer, has, however, been "scared off" the case by "major firms", Lemione claimed.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 04:53 pm on 25 Jun
Chinese authorities have directed influencers in the country to obtain "relevant qualifications" if they wish to speak on subjects like law, medicine, and finance during their live-streaming sessions. While the new directive didn't mention what qualifications they need to attain, it added that the influencer needs to report their qualifications to the live broadcast platform.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 03:55 pm on 26 Jun
PM Narendra Modi during his 'Mann Ki Baat' address on Sunday said people hardly thought of startups in the space sector in India, however, the number of such startups has crossed 100 today. He went on to mention a few startups such as Agnikul, Skyroot, Dhruva Space and Dignatara and what they are doing in this arena.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 02:36 pm on 26 Jun
Tesla's new factories in Texas and Berlin are "losing billions of dollars" as they struggle to increase production due to battery shortages and supply disruptions in China, said CEO Elon Musk recently. He added, "Both Berlin and Austin factories are gigantic money furnaces right now." Musk remarked, "This is...going to get fixed real fast, but requires a lot of attention."
short by Ridham Gambhir / 09:51 am on 24 Jun
A fire broke out at Okinawa's electric scooter showroom in Mangaluru due to an electrical short circuit on Friday. As per a report, Okinawa Autotech said that it is in touch with the dealership and extending all necessary support. Earlier, an Okinawa Autotech dealership in Chennai was burnt down to ashes, reportedly due to a short-circuit at the outlet.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 05:06 pm on 24 Jun
A man who lost his iPhone while canoeing in River Wye in the UK 10 months ago, received it in a working condition after another person found it recently. Miguel Pacheco found the phone while canoeing, following which he dried it to find a couple's picture on its screensaver, which he then shared on social media to track them.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 11:49 am on 26 Jun
In an email sent to its employees, Google has allowed them to relocate to another state "without justification" after US Supreme Court rolled back abortion rights. Google’s Chief People Officer Fiona Cicconi reiterated that the company’s benefits plan and health insurance in the US cover "out-of-state medical procedures that are not available where an employee lives and works."
short by Ridham Gambhir / 11:53 am on 26 Jun
The Mars Express orbiter, which has been using software built using Windows 98, is getting a major software upgrade 19 years after its launch. The upgrade will allow it to see beneath Mars' surfaces in more detail than ever before, the European Space Agency (ESA) said. The spacecraft's MARSIS instrument is famous for discovering signs of liquid water on Mars.
short by Hiral Goyal / 02:45 pm on 26 Jun
The world's richest man Elon Musk was inspired to start his spacecraft manufacturing company SpaceX after a Russian rocket designer spat on his shoe, former Deputy Administrator of NASA, Lori Garver, claimed in her new book. "This act so completely offended Elon that he decided...he would start his own rocket company to compete with them," Garver wrote in her book.
short by Hiral Goyal / 09:50 pm on 24 Jun
A viral video has shown a boy scanning a car's FASTag with a smartwatch while pretending to wipe its windshield, to steal money from the car owner's digital wallet. A government Twitter handle said the video is fake. Each toll plaza's unique code is mapped with bank and geo codes, which are then mapped on the NETC system, it said.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 02:51 pm on 25 Jun
Cryptocurrency exchange WazirX is cutting down on all its non-critical costs amid plummeting crypto prices. "We are hiring only critical hires, we aren't spending money at all. It's literally crypto winter here," the company's Vice President Rajagopal Menon told Bloomberg. 'Crypto winter' refers to a phase when crypto prices decline and remain low for an extended period.
short by Hiral Goyal / 03:13 pm on 26 Jun
China's Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has unveiled an electric car battery which it claims has a range of over 1,000 kilometers on a single charge. The battery, dubbed 'Qilin', is at least 13% more powerful than the one being planned by Tesla, CATL said. CATL, which is the world's largest EV battery maker, will start manufacturing the battery next year.
short by Hiral Goyal / 07:43 pm on 25 Jun
Unicorn startup slice issued a statement after Google Play Protect sent a notification to users saying that the payments app is "harmful" and "puts your device at risk". It was an isolated case of technical glitch and it has been resolved, slice said. "This app tries to spy on your personal data," Google had claimed, recommending users to uninstall it.
short by Hiral Goyal / 04:49 pm on 26 Jun
Netflix fires 300 employees citing slower revenue growth
short by Ridham Gambhir / on 24 Jun 2022,Friday
Netflix has fired about 300 employees or 4% of its workforce, mostly based in the US, in the second round of job cuts after losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade. "We made these adjustments so that our costs are growing in line with our slower revenue growth," said Netflix. It had cut 150 jobs last month.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 08:52 am on 24 Jun
A woman in the US, who became trapped while swimming in a river, was rescued after she alerted the emergency services using her Apple Watch SOS feature. The woman's foot was accidentally caught in rocks and was trapped there for over 30 minutes before she was rescued from the Columbia River. Apple first introduced water-resistant smartwatches in 2016.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 04:39 pm on 24 Jun
Firefighters used 4,500 gallons of water to put out a fire in a Tesla that spontaneously burst into flames and kept reigniting in a junkyard in the US. Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District also shared visuals of the burning car. Eventually, to douse the fire, firefighters dug a pit, filled it with water and placed the car inside it.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 04:37 pm on 26 Jun
Cisco to shut its business in Russia and Belarus
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 24 Jun 2022,Friday
Telecom equipment maker Cisco will be shutting down its business in Russia and Belarus. "We have now made the decision to begin an orderly Russia and Belarus," it said in a statement on Thursday. Cisco has offered relocation options to its few hundred employees, however, it did not disclose which countries the employees were offered as alternative locations.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 04:21 pm on 24 Jun
Italian firm's tools used to spy on Apple, Android phones: Google
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 24 Jun 2022,Friday
Italy-based RCS Lab's hacking tools were used to spy on Apple and Android smartphones in Italy and Kazakhstan, Google reported. The firm, which claims to have European law enforcement agencies as clients, developed tools to spy on private messages and contacts of the targeted devices. Apple said it had revoked all known accounts and certificates associated with this hacking campaign.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 10:00 am on 24 Jun
Apple ready to bargain with its first US store to unionise: Report
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Apple has accepted the outcome of a vote by Maryland store workers to become its first US employees to join a union and is ready to bargain with them, Reuters reported citing a source. Nearly two-thirds of the employees at the store voted to join a union last week. Apple intends to participate in the bargaining process in "good faith".
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 09:47 am on 25 Jun
Google commemorates 75th anniversary of Anne Frank's diary with doodle
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Google has commemorated the 75th anniversary of the publication of Anne Frank's diary, The Diary of Young Girl, with a doodle video depicting moments from her life in the book. Anne, a German-Dutch diarist and a Jewish Holocaust victim, was born on June 12, 1929. Her family moved to Amsterdam in 1934, after the Nazi Party gained power in Germany.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 10:58 am on 25 Jun
John McAfee's body remains in Spanish morgue a year after his death
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Antivirus software creator John McAfee's corpse still remains in a Spanish morgue as a legal case lodged by his family to demand further checks is yet to be resolved. McAfee was found dead in his prison cell on June 23, 2021. Prison authorities had claimed that he had already attempted to kill himself four months before dying.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 02:57 pm on 25 Jun
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