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Actor Jim Carrey criticises Zuckerberg, tweets 'f**k you' in binary
short by Pragya Swastik / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
American-Canadian actor Jim Carrey has criticised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a tweet which reads 'f**k you' in binary code. This comes after a New York Times report accused Facebook of running a lobbying campaign to promote negative stories about its political critics and rivals Apple and Google. This is the third time Carrey criticised Zuckerberg on Twitter this year.
short by Pragya Swastik / 09:57 pm on 17 Nov
Kerala-born former Oracle product chief named head of Google Cloud
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
Google has announced that Kerala-born former Oracle product chief Thomas Kurian will replace Diane Greene as head of the company's cloud division. Kurian resigned from Oracle after 22 years in September reportedly after disagreements with Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison over Oracle's cloud business. Kurian will join Google Cloud on November 26 and assume the leadership role in early 2019.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 02:37 pm on 17 Nov
Mark Zuckerberg lost $31 billion in wealth since record in July
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
American social networking giant Facebook's Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg's fortune has fallen more than $31 billion from its peak on July 25. The 34-year-old who recently was the world's third-richest person is now ranked sixth on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index with a net worth of $55.3 billion. So far this year, Zuckerberg has lost $17.4 billion.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 03:50 pm on 17 Nov
I think Google's search engine is the best: Apple CEO Tim Cook
short by Pragya Swastik / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Apple CEO Tim Cook has defended Apple's billion-dollar deal with Google to keep Google Search as default on Apple devices and said, "I think their search engine is the best." "We've tried to come up with ways to help our users through their day," added Cook. Google is reportedly paying $9 billion in 2018 to remain Safari's default search engine.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:17 pm on 19 Nov
Instagram bug exposes passwords of some users
short by Pragya Swastik / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
A bug on Facebook-owned photo-sharing app Instagram, linked with the tool that allows Instagram users to download a copy of their data, exposed the passwords of some users. The bug, now fixed, sent some users' passwords in plaintext in the URL when they accessed the tool. These passwords were also stored on Facebook's servers.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:14 pm on 17 Nov
AI-based system that can create fake fingerprints developed
short by Mahi Chauhan / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
American researchers have developed an AI-based system that can produce fake fingerprints by copying a range of partial fingerprints. The AI-generated fingerprints, named 'DeepMasterPrints', can bypass biometric identification systems, the researchers claimed. The DeepMasterPrints replicated 23% of fingerprints in a system that supposedly has an error rate of one in a thousand.
short by Mahi Chauhan / 05:24 pm on 17 Nov
SpaceX drops plan to upgrade Falcon 9 to Mars rocket version
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Elon Musk on Sunday said that his startup SpaceX has dropped plans to build a mini version of its Mars rocket 'BFR' by upgrading the second stage of its Falcon 9 rocket. Musk further said the rocket will get "minor tweaks to improve reliability only, provided NASA & USAF are supportive." SpaceX is working on "accelerating BFR instead", Musk added.
short by Shifa Naseer / 04:08 pm on 18 Nov
After Instagram founders, 2 top Instagram execs quit Facebook
short by Mahi Chauhan / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
Facebook-owned Instagram's two senior executives Bangaly Kaba and Ameet Ranadive have resigned from the company. While Kaba was Head of Growth at Instagram, Ranadive lead the Well-being Product team on the app. This comes after Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger exited Facebook in September reportedly over growing tensions with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.
short by Mahi Chauhan / 10:22 pm on 17 Nov
SoftBank Robotics unveils autonomous cleaning robot 'Whiz'
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
SoftBank Robotics has unveiled an autonomous cleaning robot called 'Whiz' for offices and businesses. Weighing around 32 kg, the self-driving robot comes with a handle to learn the layout of the space that needs cleaning. It also comes with a 3D camera, abnormality detection and collision sensors, and a battery that can last as long as 3 hours.
short by Shifa Naseer / 03:41 pm on 19 Nov
8 parliaments ask Facebook CEO to testify over data scandals
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been asked to testify over data scandals attached to the platform by eight international parliaments. The invite comes from Argentina, Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK along with Brazil, Latvia and Singapore. The representatives said that Zuckerberg need not attend the hearing in person, which was the excuse Facebook used to decline the last request.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:29 pm on 19 Nov
68% rise in data requests from Indian govt in H1 2018: FB
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Facebook has revealed that it received 16,580 data requests from the Indian government during the first six months of 2018, around 68% higher than the year-ago period. According to Facebook's Transparency report, the platform offered "some data" in 53% of the cases. The total data requests from Indian government for January-June of 2017 stood at 9,853, as per the report.
short by Shifa Naseer / 05:54 pm on 18 Nov
Virgin Orbit flies plane with attached rocket for 1st time
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Virgin Orbit has successfully flown its modified 'Cosmic Girl' plane with 'LauncherOne' rocket strapped to the bottom for the first time. The company claims that the rocket, which weighs around 25,800 kg, can travel at more than 20 times the speed of sound. The company hopes to use LauncherOne rocket to carry small craft into the Earth's orbit.
short by Shifa Naseer / 08:14 pm on 19 Nov
Google parent halts glucose-detecting contact lens project
short by Mahi Chauhan / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
Google parent Alphabet's life sciences division Verily on Friday said that it has decided to put on hold its project to develop a contact lens that measures glucose levels of people with diabetes. The project aimed at embedding tiny sensors on contact lenses to measure blood sugar levels in tears. Verily cited "insufficient consistency" in data for halting the project.
short by Mahi Chauhan / 04:53 pm on 17 Nov
ByteDance's news aggregating app Toutiao announces new CEO
short by Sukriti Kapoor / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
TikTok owner ByteDance on Saturday appointed Chen Lin as the CEO of its news aggregating app Toutiao. An early employee of ByteDance, Lin earlier headed product management for the news app. Toutiao, which means 'headlines' in Chinese, was founded in 2012 and uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms to personalise news content for users by aggregating content from third-party providers.
short by Sukriti Kapoor / 08:27 pm on 18 Nov
BlackBerry to buy cybersecurity firm Cylance for ₹10,000 crore
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Canadian technology company BlackBerry on Friday said it will acquire US-based cybersecurity firm Cylance for $1.4 billion (₹10,000 crore) in cash. The former mobile phone giant said the acquisition would enable it to add artificial intelligence capabilities to its existing software products. Cylance uses machine learning to pre-empt cyber attacks before they occur.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 08:00 am on 18 Nov
Apple to delete WhatsApp sticker apps from App Store: Report
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Apple is planning to delete all WhatsApp sticker apps from its App Store for violating the company guidelines, according to a tweet by WABetaInfo. The reason that Apple gave for removing the apps was that there are too many apps with similar behaviour and design. Further, the company also said that an app should not require another app to operate.
short by Shifa Naseer / 05:29 pm on 18 Nov
Google to allow users to comment on search results: Report
short by Sukriti Kapoor / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Google will be allowing its users to comment on its search results according to a report that uncovered the feature in Google’s latest beta app. Visible to the public on searches about live games, users can view their comments under ‘Your Contributions’ page. The comments will be filtered by ‘viewers’ or ‘commentators’ as well as ‘all comments’ or ‘top comments’.
short by Sukriti Kapoor / 07:30 pm on 18 Nov
Device that can be kept in eyes to monitor sugar level made
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Dutch startup NovioSense has developed a glucose monitor that can be placed in the lower eyelid to measure sugar level in tears. It works by tapping into "basal tears", or a continuous stream of tears that don't require stimulation. The spring-like coil can sit in the eyelid for long periods and won't be displaced even if users' rub their eyes.
short by Shifa Naseer / 06:43 pm on 19 Nov
Google may shut its News service in EU over tax on links
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Google may reportedly shut down Google News service in the European Union (EU) if a proposed "link tax" for using news stories is implemented. According to the directive, companies must pay for work of artists and journalists which they use. The future of Google News depends on whether the EU is willing to alter the legislation, a company executive said.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:01 pm on 19 Nov
Facebook removed over 1.5 billion fake accounts in 6 months
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Facebook has revealed that the company removed over 1.5 billion fake accounts across its platform in six months, ending September. It was also revealed that the company removed more than 1.2 billion pieces of content in the third quarter for violating the spam policies. Further, Facebook claimed that 99% of the terrorist content it removed was detected by its AI.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:54 pm on 19 Nov
We need more women leaders in technology: President Kovind
short by Mahi Chauhan / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
Citing 'Missile Woman' Tessy Thomas, the Project Director for 'Agni IV' missile, as an example, President Ram Nath Kovind said, "We need many more such women leaders in the field of technology." "It's essential to have greater participation of women in centres of excellence in science and technology," he said while addressing the eighth convocation ceremony of NIT in Patna.
short by Mahi Chauhan / 10:00 am on 17 Nov
FB investors want Zuckerberg to resign as Chairman: Reports
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 17 Nov 2018,Saturday
Facebook investors have reportedly called on CEO Mark Zuckerberg to resign as the Board Chairman. This comes after a report claimed the social media giant had hired a political consulting and PR firm that "dug up dirt on its competitors". Previously, Facebook had also denied reports that alleged it knew about Russian involvement in the US elections by 2016 itself.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 03:42 pm on 17 Nov
FB COO puts her iron fist in velvet glove: Ex-security head
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Talking about Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg being careful about her "public persona", the company's former security chief Alex Stamos has said, "It's because she is required to put her iron fist in a velvet glove in a way never demanded of powerful men." He further said, "Judge her actions, not how she fits into your notions of female leadership."
short by Shifa Naseer / 09:10 pm on 18 Nov
Facebook's new tech could identify family from users' pics
short by Shifa Naseer / on 18 Nov 2018,Sunday
Facebook has filed patent for a technology that analyses users' photos to identify the number of people living under the same house and the nature of their relationships. The software provides targeted content delivery to the users and their family, according to the patent application. Those profiles could be made available to third parties targeting "content" to users, it added.
short by Shifa Naseer / 10:39 pm on 18 Nov
Apple cuts production for all 3 new iPhone models: Report
short by Shifa Naseer / on 19 Nov 2018,Monday
Apple has reportedly cut production orders for all three new iPhone models launched in September. A lower-than-expected demand for the new iPhones and availability of more models have made it difficult to anticipate the components and handsets the company needs, reports added. Apple started selling the iPhone Xs and Xs Max in September, and the iPhone Xr in October.
short by Shifa Naseer / 06:24 pm on 19 Nov
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