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OnePlus 7 Pro goes on sale in India
short by Roshan Gupta / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A few days after its official launch, OnePlus 7 Pro is available for sale at a starting price of ₹48,999 on Amazon India, OnePlus online, offline and partner stores. Buyers can avail up to ₹2,000 cashback on purchase using SBI debit and credit cards, along with benefits from Jio worth ₹9,300, and buyback value of 70% on exchange through Servify.
short by Roshan Gupta / 01:05 pm on 17 May
Microsoft unveils world's first whisky developed with AI
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 16 May 2019,Thursday
Microsoft has unveiled world's first whisky developed with artificial intelligence (AI). The software giant worked with Finnish technology firm Fourkind and Sweden-based distillery Mackmyra. "With [Mackmyra's] dataset, the AI can generate over 70 million recipes that it predicts will be popular and of the highest quality based on what kind of cask types there are in warehouse," Microsoft said.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 10:30 pm on 16 May
Bezos' stepfather went to US from Cuba at 16 with 3 shirts, 3 pants
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
World's richest person Jeff Bezos has revealed his stepfather Miguel Bezos came to Miami from Cuba alone aged 16 with three shirts, three pants and three underwear. "Mike's parents were not allowed to enter the airport...He only spoke Spanish...His grit, determination, and optimism are inspiring," said Jeff as Mike was honoured at the opening of Statue of Liberty's new museum.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 03:30 pm on 18 May
Google tracks online purchases via Gmail, denies use for ads
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Google has admitted recently reported claims that it tracks users' online purchases through their receipts on Gmail but said it doesn't use it for personalising ads. It added it does so to let users track their purchases, bookings and subscriptions from a single, privately accessible place. Google had announced it would stop using Gmail data to personalise ads in 2017.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 04:03 pm on 18 May
PlayStation maker Sony partners with rival Xbox maker Microsoft
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Technology giants and gaming rivals Sony and Microsoft have announced a partnership to build future cloud solutions supporting both gaming and content streaming alongside AI solutions. PlayStation maker Sony will use Xbox maker Microsoft's data centres and Azure cloud computing service for its existing game and streaming platforms. In return, Microsoft will gain access to Sony's image sensors.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 04:07 pm on 17 May
IITian claims her ₹2 'smartphone microscope' can spot fake notes
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Bhuvaneshwari Karunakaran, an IIT Bombay PhD student, has said she has developed a lens for ₹2 that can be used in detection of fake currency notes, sperm counts and blood cell analysis. The lens, made with a silicone polymer with water, works when placed over a smartphone camera and can be used to see objects as small as 1.5 microns.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 05:42 pm on 17 May
Amazon removes products with images of Hindu Gods after criticism
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A day after #BoycottAmazon was trending on Twitter, e-commerce major Amazon has taken down products like doormats, shoes, and toilet seat covers from its site which had images of Hindu Gods on them. "All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account," Amazon said.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 04:50 pm on 17 May
WhatsApp may no longer allow downloading profile pics of users
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 17 May 2019,Friday
WhatsApp has removed the possibility to save profile pictures of individuals in latest Android beta updates and WhatsApp Business beta for iOS, WABetaInfo reported. The beta version does not show the profile sharing button, among other sharing options such as Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. However, the feature reportedly does not block users from taking screenshots of the profile picture.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 08:41 pm on 17 May
China holds driverless car race with fake cow, sheep hurdles
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
China's Tianjin city held the third edition of the annual driverless car race using autonomous cars, on a circuit covering an area of about 10 soccer fields. The circuit consisted of bumps and sudden turns, with hurdles including artificial fog and even fake cows and sheep. Several autonomous cars, however, failed to escape a roadblock that narrowed the track.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 09:48 pm on 18 May
Video: Robot actually hits people when they get hit in VR game
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 19 May 2019,Sunday
Robotics engineer and YouTuber James Bruton, along with UK's Portsmouth University students, has co-developed a robot that fights humans in real life while they're playing a custom-made Virtual Reality (VR) game. The robot, mounted on a wooden base, is made with 3D-printed parts and foot pumps. Trackers in the room track the robot's arms and player's headsets and foam bat.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 08:00 am on 19 May
Wikipedia blocked in China in all languages, confirms owner
short by Arundhati Rawat / on 16 May 2019,Thursday
The Wikimedia Foundation, that runs Wikipedia, has confirmed that the free community-edited encyclopaedia is currently blocked in China in all languages. The Chinese language version of the site was previously banned in the country, wherein reportedly about 10,000 sites are banned. In late April, Wikimedia had determined that Wikipedia was no longer accessible in China, Wikimedia said.
short by Arundhati Rawat / 08:27 pm on 16 May
2 teams jointly win $10 million in Elon Musk-backed XPRIZE
short by Arundhati Rawat / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Two teams have jointly won $10-million prize of Global Learning XPRIZE, which counts Elon Musk among supporters and benefactors. Kitkit School, from the US and South Korea and Onebillion from the UK and Kenya, both developed tablet apps to aid student learning. Bengaluru's Chimple was among five finalists in 2017, which received $1 million and tested their technology in Tanzania.
short by Arundhati Rawat / 02:57 pm on 17 May
Mumbai most vulnerable to cyberattacks, Delhi, B'luru next: Report
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Mumbai topped the 15-city list of the most vulnerable cities to cyberattacks in 2019, followed by Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, Quick Heal Security Labs revealed. The 'Annual Threat Report 2019' put Maharashtra, Delhi and West Bengal as the top three states at most risk. The report compiled data from several cyberattacks that took place in 2018 on Windows and Android.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 09:16 pm on 18 May
Intel CPU flaw fix may reduce Mac performance by 40%: Apple
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Apple has said tests of its 'full mitigation' option to fix a recently disclosed vulnerability, existing in nearly all Intel CPUs made since 2011, reduced the performance of its Mac computers by up to 40%. Apple also added several pre-2011 Macs could stay vulnerable to future security exploits as Intel is not likely to issue updates for those chips.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 09:27 pm on 17 May
HP spinoff to buy supercomputer maker Cray for $1.3 billion
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has agreed to buy supercomputer manufacturer Cray for about $1.30 billion. HPE said Cray investors will get $35 a share in cash, a premium of over 17% to Cray's Thursday closing price of $29.81. It added it expects to incur one-time integration costs that will be absorbed within its fiscal year 2020 free cash flow outlook.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 08:00 am on 18 May
Apple to not debut its own 5G chip before 2025: Reports
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Apple's plans to introduce its own 5G chips could take up to six years, as per reports. Apple has reportedly said, in interviews with prospective hires for the team developing the chips, that it expects the 5G chips to be developed by 2025. Apple recently ended the two-year-long patent dispute with Qualcomm, gaining access to the chipmaking giant's chips.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 08:00 am on 17 May
Superfast computing invented using light pulses for magnets
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
An international team of researchers has developed "virtually energy-less" superfast computing using short light pulses, the duration of a millionth of a millionth of a second, instead of electricity for using magnets to store data. The new system, different than current systems which consume 2-5% of global electricity consumption, doesn't produce heat which would require more power to cool it.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 02:28 pm on 18 May
China builds facial recognition app to distinguish pandas
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Pandas has co-developed a facial recognition app to distinguish between pandas. The team began research in 2017 and has built a database with over 1,20,000 images and 10,000 video clips. Researchers said it will help improve efficiency and effectiveness in animal conservation, adding they've analysed, marked and annotated about 10,000 panda pictures.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 07:31 pm on 18 May
China's Baidu reports 1st-ever quarterly loss since 2005 IPO
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 19 May 2019,Sunday
Chinese internet giant Baidu has reported its first quarterly loss in nearly 14 years since it went public in 2005. Nasdaq-listed Baidu also reported a net loss attributable to shareholders of about $47.5 million for the quarter ended March 31, 2019. The Chinese search engine operator warned of a "challenging environment" ahead, saying Q2 revenue could decline up to 3%.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 09:00 am on 19 May
Google Translatotron can translate speech in speaker's voice
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 16 May 2019,Thursday
Google is developing a new translation model called Translatotron that can directly convert speech from one language into another while maintaining a speaker's voice. It skips the usual step of translating speech to text and back to speech. Translatotron uses a sequence-to-sequence network model that processes voice input as a spectrogram and generates a new spectrogram in the target language.
short by Gaurav Shroff / 08:45 pm on 16 May
Instagram to shut down its standalone Direct messaging app
short by Arundhati Rawat / on 16 May 2019,Thursday
Instagram has confirmed it is "rolling back the test of the standalone Direct (messaging) app". User conversations will automatically move to the Instagram app, as per an app notification shared on Twitter by social media consultant Matt Navarra. The notification also states that Instagram will end support for Direct, which first appeared in 2017, in the coming month.
short by Arundhati Rawat / 09:30 pm on 16 May
Delhi HC dismisses ShareChat's copyright case against TikTok owner
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Delhi High Court has dismissed a case against TikTok owner ByteDance's Helo app by Bengaluru-based social media platform ShareChat, which accused it of copyright infringement. It also alleged ByteDance placed bids on 'ShareChat' keyword on Google's ads platform to increase its own popularity, creating unfair competition. The development came after ByteDance changed Helo's design and interface.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 05:14 pm on 18 May
Former Apple retail chief & Burberry CEO joins Airbnb board
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 17 May 2019,Friday
US-based home-renting platform Airbnb has appointed Angela Ahrendts, former Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple, as its third independent non-affiliated board member. Ahrendts joined Apple in 2014 after serving as CEO of the British fashion house Burberry for eight years. Notably, Ahrendts had been one of the highest-paid employees at Apple with total compensation of $26.5 million in 2018.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 05:19 pm on 17 May
WhatsApp warns clones to stop bulk text services in India
short by Arundhati Rawat / on 17 May 2019,Friday
WhatsApp has warned Indian firms which claimed they can help send bulk messages to stop operations. Reuters had reported apps like 'GBWhatsApp' and 'JTWhatsApp' were being used to bypass WhatsApp forwarding restrictions amid ongoing Lok Sabha elections. "We ban approximately two million accounts and sent cease and desist letters to companies claiming to offer such services," said WhatsApp.
short by Arundhati Rawat / 08:25 am on 17 May
No benefit in breaking up Facebook: COO Sheryl Sandberg
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, responding to Co-founder Chris Hughes' call to break the firm up, said, "You could break us up...but you actually don't address the underlying issues people are concerned about." "People are concerned about election security, content, privacy and data portability," she said, adding, "The bottom line for us is making sure we get this right."
short by Kanishka Pandey / 03:02 pm on 18 May
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