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Devastated and heartbroken: Apple CEO Tim Cook on Kobe's demise
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Jan 2020,Monday
Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted, "Devastated and heartbroken by the passing of Kobe Bryant. I admired his athletic prowess from afar and his humanity close up. He was an original." The NBA legend and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna were among the nine people who died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. The helicopter crashed into a hillside in Calabasas, California.
short by Pragya Swastik / 10:36 am on 27 Jan
Bumps and lumps are normal: Motorola to its foldable phone Razr's users
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Jan 2020,Monday
Motorola has released a series of videos to advise users on how to use and take care of the company's foldable smartphone 'Razr'. One of its videos said, "Screen is made to bend; bumps and lumps are normal." Razr comes with two screens – one on the inside and the other outside. When unfolded, Razr has a 6.2-inch OLED screen.
short by Pragya Swastik / 03:14 pm on 27 Jan
At least 3,000 government email IDs with the '' extension, including entities like BARC, ISRO, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, have been found to be compromised, according to The Quint. The passwords of the email IDs have reportedly been leaked in plain text across multiple databases of leaked emails on the deep web and dark web.
short by Trivedi Bhutnath / 09:44 am on 26 Jan
Robot used by doctors to treat first known Coronavirus patient in US
short by Pragya Swastik / on 26 Jan 2020,Sunday
Doctors are using a robot to treat the first person known to have been admitted to hospital in the US with a new strain of coronavirus. Equipped with a stethoscope, the robot is helping doctors take the man's vitals and communicate with him through a screen. The man was in stable condition and remains in isolation, doctors said.
short by Pragya Swastik / 10:13 pm on 26 Jan
Clayton Christensen, a longtime Harvard Business School professor who authored the best-selling business book, 'The Innovator's Dilemma', passed away aged 67 in Boston. Known for Christensen's theory, he coined the buzzword 'disruptive innovation'. The theory states that newer ideas in business and technology could create new markets and disrupt older ones, displacing established market leaders.
short by Pragya Swastik / 03:17 pm on 26 Jan
Some YouTube content moderators are being forced to sign contracts acknowledging the job could impact their mental health and cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the Verge reported. The document was given to workers after a report highlighted the mental toll that moderators face after reviewing "disturbing" content. Two workers alleged they were told to either sign or face termination.
short by Dharna / 02:09 pm on 25 Jan
Two years after Vine Co-founder Dom Hofmann announced he was building a sequel to the short-form video-sharing app 'Vine', the app named 'Byte' has been released. Like Vine, Byte also lets users create and share six-second looping videos. Hofmann co-founded Vine in 2012, which was then acquired by Twitter. However, Twitter shut the app down in 2017 to cut costs.
short by Dharna / 01:44 pm on 25 Jan
Paytm Payments Bank submits 3,500 numbers of scamsters to govt
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
Paytm Payments Bank said it has submitted a list of 3,500 phone numbers of people involved in SMS and call scams to TRAI and the Home Ministry, among others. The bank also raised the need for timely and effective legal action against the fraudsters. It has also filed an FIR against them with the cyber cell for immediate action.
short by Aishwarya / 10:03 pm on 25 Jan
Sonos CEO apologises, addresses users' fears over older devices
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
Wireless speaker company Sonos' CEO Patrick Spence apologised and addressed users' fears, saying older devices would "continue to work as they do today". After Sonos had announced ending updates for older devices from May, users feared their devices would become incompatible and stop working. Spence assured Sonos would try finding a way for older and newer devices to coexist.
short by Aishwarya / 11:00 pm on 25 Jan
A lawsuit has been filed against US-based facial recognition startup Clearview AI, for "acting out of pure greed" and "threatening individuals' liberty". A report earlier found the startup scraped three billion images from people's public social media profiles and helped law enforcement identify people using the database. The lawsuit alleged it secretly collected the data without gaining consent.
short by Dharna / 09:24 am on 26 Jan
Japan working on its own digital currency
short by Anushka Dixit / on 26 Jan 2020,Sunday
Japan is said to be working on creating its own cryptocurrency like Facebook's Libra and China's digital yuan. "China is moving toward issuing digital yuan, so we'd like to propose measures to counter such attempts," Norihiro Nakayama, parliamentary vice-minister for foreign affairs said. The project could be a "joint initiative" between the Japanese government and private companies.
short by Anushka Dixit / 07:53 pm on 26 Jan
US govt to curb sale of fake products on online platforms
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
The US government is moving to curb sale of fake goods online and has warned e-commerce platforms of penalties if they fail to comply. A report by Homeland Security stated that officials will soon start identifying cases where fake and duplicate products have been sold online. Following that, the government will impose civil fines and other penalties on platforms.
short by Aishwarya / 07:24 pm on 25 Jan
A Bengaluru-based software engineer was allegedly cheated of ₹1.27 lakh upon calling a liquor delivery outlet he found online. Asking for online payment, the fraudster asked Arjun Jagannathan to share OTPs thrice in a row by blaming technical issues and defrauded ₹78,742. He then asked Jagannathan to scan a Paytm QR code to get the amount back, further defrauding ₹49,001.
short by Dharna / 01:51 pm on 25 Jan
Delhi Police to use drones, facial recognition tech for R-Day
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
Delhi Police will be deploying drones and facial recognition technology along with an on-ground presence of 10,000 security personnel for the Republic Day. While facial recognition will help with quick identification of suspects, drones will be a part of a four-layer security arrangement. The Delhi Police will also deploy sharpshooters and snipers atop high-rise buildings along the parade route.
short by Aishwarya / 04:45 pm on 25 Jan
Parliamentary panel seeks comments on data protection bill
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
The Joint Parliamentary Committee reviewing the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, has invited comments on the bill from stakeholders. All the companies, organisations, and individuals who wish to submit their views will have to do it within three weeks. The committee has also said that all the comments will be kept as confidential records.
short by Aishwarya / 07:30 pm on 25 Jan
US sexting site exposes photo IDs of models, including from India
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
US-based sexting website, SextPanther, exposed thousands of photo IDs of models and sex workers getting commissions from the site. It stored over 11,000 identity documents without a password and the leaked documents contain personal information of models such as home addresses and photos. While most of the data came from the US, some workers belonged to India, UK and Canada.
short by Aishwarya / 07:43 pm on 25 Jan
An online dashboard, developed by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering, is letting people track the coronavirus outbreak on a map. Sourcing data from the World Health Organisation and disease control centres, the dashboard updates frequently and shows confirmed and suspected cases in every country, alongside the number of confirmed deaths. It also shows the number of recovered patients.
short by Dharna / 01:19 pm on 26 Jan
China a 21st century surveillance state: US Defense Secretary
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said China's Communist Party has constructed a "21st century surveillance state" that uses artificial intelligence to "repress Muslim minorities and pro-democracy demonstrators". Notably, China has increased personal surveillance in Xinjiang over recent years. It has called the Uighur Muslims' issue an "internal affair" about preventing "terrorism and separatism".
short by Aishwarya / 07:34 pm on 25 Jan
Break encryption to curb child porn distribution, suggests RS panel
short by Anushka Dixit / on 28 Jan 2020,Tuesday
A Rajya Sabha panel has recommended that law enforcement agencies should be allowed to break end-to-end encryption to trace people who spread child pornography on social media. The panel also suggested that online search websites should block searches for child pornography sites. The recommendations are a part of the Information Technology Act and its intermediary rule.
short by Anushka Dixit / 09:00 am on 28 Jan
Apple files patent for iMac made from a single piece of curved glass
short by Anushka Dixit / on 27 Jan 2020,Monday
Apple has filed a patent for a 'foldable' iMac design made from a single piece of glass. The frame would be supported by a wedge and the bottom slot would have an extended portion for input devices. The patent shows a sliding keyboard section through the slot, suggesting it could be used for a laptop dock instead of a computer.
short by Anushka Dixit / 05:16 pm on 27 Jan
Apple will donate to groups helping fight Coronavirus: Tim Cook
short by Anushka Dixit / on 26 Jan 2020,Sunday
Tim Cook announced that Apple will be donating to those involved in coronavirus relief efforts. "As people in China and around the world celebrate the Lunar New Year, we send our love and support to the many impacted by Coronavirus," Cook tweeted. "We will be donating to groups on the ground helping support all of those affected," he added.
short by Anushka Dixit / 03:26 pm on 26 Jan
TikTok hires Microsoft IP chief Erich Andersen as General Counsel
short by Aishwarya / on 25 Jan 2020,Saturday
TikTok has announced the appointment of attorney Erich Andersen as the firm's Global General Counsel. Andersen, who will be reporting to TikTok head Alex Zhu, previously served as Corporate Vice President and Chief IP Counsel at Microsoft. Erich will be joining TikTok after having worked with Microsoft for over 20 years.
short by Aishwarya / 10:05 pm on 25 Jan
CAIT asks govt to probe 16 e-commerce portals over losses
short by Aishwarya / on 26 Jan 2020,Sunday
The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) asked Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal to probe 16 online businesses operating in India, including Amazon and Zomato, among others. CAIT asked the government to look into their alleged unhealthy business practices leading to huge losses. It further asked to probe their foreign funding, cash-burn practices and alleged avoidance of GST.
short by Aishwarya / 08:40 am on 26 Jan
As per new draft rules, Russia would require smartphones, computers and other devices to be sold with pre-installed software that promotes "traditional Russian spiritual and moral values". These values were, however, not fully described but rules said these apps must be both popular and secure. Last year, Russia passed a law banning the sale of gadgets without pre-installed Russian-made software.
short by Dharna / 12:17 pm on 26 Jan
Five months ago, Google had announced a global ban of Android apps that gave short term loans to users, however, such applications are still being used in countries like Kenya, India and Nigeria. The apps are offering 61-day loans at an annualised interest rate of over 200%. Google had banned the apps to protect customers from "deceptive and exploitative" terms.
short by Anushka Dixit / 05:43 pm on 26 Jan
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