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A 66-year-old woman cheated a County Council of over £600,000 (around ₹5.75 crore) by pretending to be bedridden, in possibly the largest fraud of its kind in the UK. Frances Noble convinced the Council she needed round-the-clock intensive care while her care money was used by her daughter and son-in-law for vacations. Noble has been jailed for over 4 years.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 02:49 pm on 26 Jun
The launch of a Russian surface-to-air missile failed, causing it to turn back on itself and strike its own troops in the early hours of Friday. Footage of the failed launch in the city of Alchevsk in Luhansk has surfaced online. The incident took place when pro-Russian separatists tried to hit Ukrainian troops with the missile.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 11:03 pm on 25 Jun
G7 to announce ban on Russian gold imports: US Prez Biden
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
US President Joe Biden has said that the G7 member nations will announce a ban on import of Russian gold. He said that Russia rakes in tens of billions of dollars through gold exports. "The United States has imposed unprecedented costs on [Russian President] Putin to deny him the revenue he needs to fund his war against Ukraine," Biden tweeted.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 03:55 pm on 26 Jun
In an email sent to its employees, Google has allowed them to relocate to another state "without justification" after US Supreme Court rolled back abortion rights. Google’s Chief People Officer Fiona Cicconi reiterated that the company’s benefits plan and health insurance in the US cover "out-of-state medical procedures that are not available where an employee lives and works."
short by Ridham Gambhir / 11:53 am on 26 Jun
Chinese authorities have directed influencers in the country to obtain "relevant qualifications" if they wish to speak on subjects like law, medicine, and finance during their live-streaming sessions. While the new directive didn't mention what qualifications they need to attain, it added that the influencer needs to report their qualifications to the live broadcast platform.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 03:55 pm on 26 Jun
The world’s fourth-richest man and Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates took to Twitter to react to US Supreme Court’s decision to roll back abortion rights. Gates tweeted, "This is a sad day. Reversing Roe vs Wade is an unjust and unacceptable setback...It puts women's lives at risk, especially the most disadvantaged." His ex-wife Melinda French Gates also criticised the ruling.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 09:06 am on 26 Jun
This is a huge setback: Sheryl on US Supreme Court's abortion ruling
short by Ridham Gambhir / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
Outgoing Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg criticised US Supreme Court's decision to overturn a nearly 50-year-old ruling that legalised abortion. Taking to Instagram, she wrote, "The ruling jeopardizes the health and the lives of millions of girls and women...It'll make it harder for women to achieve their dreams...This is a huge setback. For ourselves, our daughters, and every generation that follows."
short by Ridham Gambhir / 08:36 am on 26 Jun
After US' Supreme Court overturned 'Roe vs Wade' ruling that made abortion a constitutional right, there's apprehension that period-tracking apps could be forced to hand data to law enforcement authorities. This information could then be used should it indicate that a user of the app underwent abortion. The court upheld a Mississippi state law that bans abortion after 15 weeks.
short by Daisy Mowke / 10:56 pm on 25 Jun
Two Dutch lawmakers are proposing legalisation to establish work-from-home as a legal right. If this is to be passed, the Netherlands would become one of the first countries to grant remote working flexibility by law. The legislation will be introduced by Steven van Weyenberg, a member of the pro-European D-66 Party, and Senna Maatoug, a lawmaker from the Green Party.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 01:49 pm on 26 Jun
A Japanese worker lost a USB stick containing personal data of a city's half a million people after a night out with colleagues. The worker, who was responsible for COVID-19 relief payments to households, passed out on a street after drinking and woke up to realise the USB was missing. Reportedly, the data was encrypted and locked with a password.
short by Ridham Gambhir / 09:54 am on 26 Jun
A man was caught installing a spy camera in former Pakistan PM Imran Khan's bedroom, as per reports. The man was identified as a Bani Gala employee. The spying attempt was foiled after another employee informed the security team about the installation of the device. The development comes amid rumours of a plot being hatched to assassinate Khan.
short by Anmol Sharma / 10:54 am on 26 Jun
At least 17 people were found dead at a nightclub in South Africa’s southern city of East London on Sunday. As per police, the victims were aged between 18 and 20 years. The cause behind the deaths is not known yet. An official ruled out a stampede as a cause of the deaths, saying there are no visible open wounds.
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:32 pm on 26 Jun
Indonesian Prez to visit Ukraine, Russia on peace-building mission
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
Indonesian President Joko Widodo is set to go on a peace-building mission to Ukraine and Russia. He said he will urge the leaders of both countries to engage in dialogue. "War has to be stopped and global food supply chains need to be reactivated," said Widodo before leaving for Germany to attend the G7 summit.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 12:57 pm on 26 Jun
We will win back all cities lost to Russia: Ukraine Prez
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Saturday said that the country would win back all the cities that Russia has captured over the course of the ongoing war. "All our cities - Sievierodonetsk, Donetsk, Luhansk - we'll get them all back," he said. He added that the war had become "emotionally difficult" and he didn't know how long it would last.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 11:17 am on 26 Jun
Lebanon faces new COVID-19 wave, people asked to get vaccinated
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
The Lebanese government has warned that the country is facing a new wave of COVID-19, which is "expected to be more contagious and the fastest spreading". It urged people to get vaccinated against the virus as soon as possible. It noted that the percentage of people vaccinated does not exceed 45% in the country.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 04:35 pm on 26 Jun
Russian forces have fully occupied Sievierodonetsk: Mayor
short by Shailesh / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Russian forces have fully occupied Sievierodonetsk, the Mayor of the eastern Ukrainian city said on Saturday. The Ukrainian military intelligence chief said that Ukraine was carrying out "a tactical regrouping" by pulling its forces out of Sievierodonetsk to higher ground. Notably, Russian forces had captured the city after weeks of intense fighting.
short by Shailesh / 11:02 pm on 25 Jun
Blasts rock Ukrainian capital Kyiv, 2 buildings evacuated: Mayor
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
Multiple explosions occurred in the Shevchenkivskiy district of Ukraine's capital Kyiv on Sunday, said Mayor Vitali Klitschko. "Ambulance crews and rescuers [were] dispatched to the scene. More detailed information later," Klitschko said on the Telegram app. "Residents are being rescued and evacuated from two buildings," he added. The number of casualties was not immediately known.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 11:06 am on 26 Jun
PM Narendra Modi will hold meetings with over 12 world leaders during his visit to Germany and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), official sources said on Saturday. From June 26 to 27, PM Modi will be in Germany where he will attend the G7 Summit. The PM will arrive in the UAE on June 28.
short by Shailesh / 09:43 pm on 25 Jun
Russia trying to drag Belarus into war, says Ukraine after rocket strike
short by Mayukh Debnath / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Ukraine has accused Russia of trying to drag Belarus into the conflict between the two nations. This comes after Ukraine's claim that a village in the northern part of the country came under "massive bombardment" from Belarus. "Today's strike is directly linked to [Kremlin's] efforts to pull Belarus as a co-belligerent into the war in Ukraine," Ukraine's intelligence service said.
short by Mayukh Debnath / 11:16 pm on 25 Jun
French power firms urge people, companies to limit energy use
short by Saurabh Sinha / on 26 Jun 2022,Sunday
The heads of three major power firms - Engie, EDF and TotalEnergies - urged the people and companies to limit energy consumption immediately as the country could witness a potential power crisis in winter. "Taking action as soon as this summer will allow us to be better prepared at the start of next winter," they said in an open letter.
short by Saurabh Sinha / 01:07 pm on 26 Jun
Taliban urged US on Saturday to unfreeze Afghanistan's foreign funds and lift financial sanctions on the country following earthquake that claimed at least 1,000 lives. The earthquake, which struck Paktika province on June 22, destroyed an estimated 10,000 homes. Notably, US President Joe Biden in February signed executive order to free $7 billion out of $9 billion frozen Afghan assets.
short by Disha Jana / 04:52 pm on 26 Jun
Talks to revive 2015 nuclear deal to resume in coming days: EU
short by Shailesh / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
The European Union (EU) and Iran on Saturday announced that negotiations to revive the 2015 nuclear deal will resume in the coming days. The previous round of talks had stalled in March. The US, which unilaterally withdrew from the deal in 2018, should also return to the negotiations, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said.
short by Shailesh / 10:03 pm on 25 Jun
Pak Army chief Bajwa visits ailing Musharraf in Dubai: Report
short by Shailesh / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Pakistani Army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa recently visited ailing ex-President Pervez Musharraf in Dubai, according to a report. Bajwa, accompanied by top physicians of the Pakistani Army, spent some time with Musharraf and his family at their apartment in Dubai, the report claimed. Bajwa was accompanied by his wife during his visit to Musharraf.
short by Shailesh / 10:54 pm on 25 Jun
Swiss university to not revoke doctorate awarded to Mussolini
short by Mayukh Debnath / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Switzerland's University of Lausanne has decided against revoking an honorary doctorate awarded to former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, despite concluding it was a "serious mistake". The university said withdrawing the award could lead critics to believe it wanted to erase the past. It stated, "Rather than denying or erasing this wants it to serve as a permanent warning."
short by Mayukh Debnath / 10:00 pm on 25 Jun
Vatican welcomes US Supreme Court's ruling on abortion
short by Mayukh Debnath / on 25 Jun 2022,Saturday
Vatican City's Pontifical Academy for Life on Friday welcomed the US Supreme Court ruling that overturned the 1973 Roe vs Wade judgement on abortion. It said that the ruling "challenges the whole world" to reflect on the issue. This is a "powerful invitation to reflect" at a time when the Western world is "losing passion for life", the academy added.
short by Mayukh Debnath / 11:15 pm on 25 Jun
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