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Nearly 30 lakh people were put under lockdown in China on Monday after a surge in coronavirus cases linked to a travelling salesman in the country's two cities in northeastern Jilin province. The country reported 109 COVID-19 new cases. Around 2 crore people across China's northeast are now barred from leaving their homes, according to reports.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 06:10 pm on 18 Jan
US defence officials have said they are worried about an insider attack or other threat from service members involved in securing President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. The FBI is screening all of the 25,000 National Guard troops coming into Washington DC for the event. Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy warned commanders to be on the lookout for any problems within their ranks.
short by Ankush Verma / 10:36 am on 18 Jan
Unfair vaccine distribution risks 'catastrophic moral failure': WHO
short by Pragya Swastik / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
The WHO's Director-General Tedros Adhanom on Monday spoke up on unfair COVID-19 vaccine distribution and said, "I need to be blunt...The world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure." He said, "Some countries and companies continue to prioritise bilateral deals." He also said that "Me first" approach leaves the world's poorest and most vulnerable people at risk.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:10 pm on 18 Jan
After reports claimed that China has built a village in Arunachal Pradesh, External Affairs Ministry said the government keeps a constant watch on all developments having a bearing on India's security. Adding China has undertaken such construction in the past several years along the border, MEA said, "Our government too has stepped up border infrastructure including the construction of roads."
short by Arshiya Chopra / 06:53 pm on 18 Jan
PM Modi's poster seen at pro-independence rally in Pak's Sindh
short by Arshiya Chopra / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
A pro-independence rally in Pakistan's southern Sindh province on Sunday witnessed posters of several world leaders, including Indian PM Narendra Modi. "Sindh wants freedom from Pakistan," the posters read. The rally was held to mark the birth anniversary of GM Syed, a vocal proponent of Sindhudesh or a separate country for the province.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 04:35 pm on 18 Jan
Russian opposition leader and critic of President Vladimir Putin, Alexey Navalny, was detained by police on Sunday, moments after his return to the country and five months after he was poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok. The 44-year-old was placed on the country's federal wanted list last month for violating terms of probation related to a years-old fraud case.
short by Ankush Verma / 08:35 am on 18 Jan
A 34-year-old UK man who drove 160 kilometres from Luton to Devizes amid a COVID-19 lockdown was fined £200 (almost ₹20,000) by the police. He told the police that he travelled to Devizes "for a McDonald's". However, the police said Devizes doesn't have a McDonald's restaurant and called the man's action a "flagrant breach" of the regulations currently in place.
short by Pragya Swastik / 04:55 pm on 18 Jan
A 36-year-old California man named Aditya Singh lived at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for three months before being discovered, the Chicago Tribune reported. Prosecutors said the man told police he was too scared to fly because of COVID-19. Singh was charged with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and misdemeanour theft.
short by Ankush Verma / 02:09 pm on 18 Jan
Egypt unveils 3,000-year-old coffins in latest archaeological discovery
short by Pragya Swastik / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
Egypt has unveiled a new archaeological discovery at the Saqqara necropolis south of Cairo, including 54 wooden coffins, many of which can be traced back 3,000 years to the New Kingdom period. Painted in bright colours, many of these coffins are still intact. The funerary temple of Queen Neit was also discovered near the pyramid of her husband, King Teti.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:00 am on 18 Jan
Japan has culled record 5.8 million chickens since November 2020 due to bird flu, the country's public broadcaster NHK has reported. According to the NHK, a highly pathogenic variant of bird flu virus has been detected at 36 poultry farms in 15 prefectures. The total number of exterminated birds is expected to reach six million once the culling is over.
short by Apaar Sharma / 08:43 am on 18 Jan
Rescuers have said that 12 miners trapped underground after an explosion in a Chinese gold mine a week ago are still alive. The workers managed to send a note to rescuers, state media reported. Twenty-two miners were trapped at the Hushan mine near Yantai on January 10 after the explosion that damaged the communications system of the mine.
short by Ankush Verma / 12:13 pm on 18 Jan
Austria extends its 3rd COVID-19 lockdown until Feb 7
short by Shailesh / on 17 Jan 2021,Sunday
Austria's third COVID-19 lockdown, due to end on January 24, has been extended until February 7, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced on Sunday. Kurz said the country needs to bring its new infections down to 50 per one lakh residents over seven days from 130 now. This comes a day after thousands marched in Austria against restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.
short by Shailesh / 09:33 pm on 17 Jan
Mexico has agreed with a UN proposal to delay receiving shipments of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine in order to ensure equitable distribution to poor countries, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said. The delay in shipments won't affect vaccinations in Mexico "because we're already seeking out other vaccines", he added. "We are going to have enough vaccines," Obrador further said.
short by Shailesh / 07:50 pm on 18 Jan
Biden's goal of 100mn vaccinations in 100 days absolutely doable: Fauci
short by Anindya Tripathi / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
Top US infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has said President-elect Joe Biden's goal of delivering 100 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine within 100 days of his presidency "is absolutely a doable thing". Two new vaccines under development by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson could "very soon" be presented to regulators for approval, which would increase pace of vaccinations, Fauci added.
short by Anindya Tripathi / 09:40 am on 18 Jan
Brazil authorises Sinovac, AstraZeneca vaccines for emergency use
short by Anindya Tripathi / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
Brazilian health regulator Anvisa approved emergency use of two COVID-19 vaccines on Sunday and the country started its mass vaccination drive. CoronaVac by China's Sinovac Biotech and UK's Oxford-AstraZeneca were approved amid the second wave of the outbreak in the country. Brazil is the third-worst coronavirus-hit country in the world with nearly 85 lakh COVID-19 cases.
short by Anindya Tripathi / 09:08 am on 18 Jan
Thousands of people on Sunday held an unauthorised protest in Amsterdam against the coronavirus lockdown in the Netherlands. The riot police used water cannon on the crowd after they refused to leave and threw fireworks at the police. The Dutch government had recently extended its lockdown, the toughest yet imposed in the nation, until February 9.
short by Shailesh / 11:16 pm on 17 Jan
According to a bilateral agreement, Israel will share the medical data gathered from its vaccination drive with Pfizer in return for coronavirus vaccine doses. The objective is to analyse epidemiological data to determine at what point herd immunity is achieved during the vaccination drive, the agreement said. Israeli Health Minister Yuli Edelstein has called it a "classical win-win" situation.
short by Shailesh / 03:33 pm on 18 Jan
Twitter has temporarily suspended the account of Republican US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene after she posted several tweets alleging voter fraud in Georgia during the presidential election. Greene's account "has been temporarily locked out for multiple violations" of the 'civic integrity policy', a Twitter representative said. Greene accused the company of suppressing conservative voices.
short by Shailesh / 04:54 pm on 18 Jan
The number of people executed by Saudi Arabia declined by around 85% in 2020, after 27 people were executed as compared to 184 in 2019, a report said. A moratorium on death penalties for drug-related offences was partly responsible for the decline, the Saudi rights commission said. Reportedly, Saudi Arabia had carried out the third-highest number of executions in 2019.
short by Shailesh / 05:48 pm on 18 Jan
Biden should hold talks with North Korea: South Korean President
short by Anindya Tripathi / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
US President-elect Joe Biden should hold talks with North Korea to build on progress that President Donald Trump had made with leader Kim Jong-un, South Korean President Moon Jae-in has said. Moon said he plans to promote North Korea as Biden's foreign policy priority. Notably, the second summit between Trump and Kim in February 2019 had ended in failure.
short by Anindya Tripathi / 01:22 pm on 18 Jan
US officials to face sanctions for 'nasty behaviour' over Taiwan: China
short by Anindya Tripathi / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
China's Foreign Ministry on Monday announced its decision to impose sanctions on US officials who have engaged in "nasty behaviour" over Taiwan. However, China did not specify the names of the US officials under sanction and the nature of the sanctions. This comes after the US eased restrictions on exchanges between US and Taiwanese officials.
short by Anindya Tripathi / 04:18 pm on 18 Jan
US military says its troop withdrawal from Somalia is complete
short by Shailesh / on 17 Jan 2021,Sunday
The US military has said that its troop withdrawal from Somalia is complete after US President Donald Trump ordered it in December. The troops, around 700 personnel, are being moved to other African countries such as neighbouring Kenya and Djibouti. This comes after the US military reduced the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2,500 each.
short by Shailesh / 11:12 pm on 17 Jan
European Council Prez urges Russia to release Putin critic Navalny
short by Anindya Tripathi / on 18 Jan 2021,Monday
European Council President Charles Michel on Sunday urged Russian authorities to immediately release opposition leader Alexey Navalny who was arrested following his return from Germany. A critic of President Vladimir Putin, Navalny was arrested by Russian detention authority after landing in Moscow for multiple probation violations. "The detainment of Alexey Navalny is unacceptable," Michel said.
short by Anindya Tripathi / 11:08 am on 18 Jan
Poisoned Russian opp'n leader Navalny boards plane to Russia
short by Shailesh / on 17 Jan 2021,Sunday
Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who was poisoned with Novichok nerve agent last year, boarded a plane to Russia from Germany, despite facing potential immediate arrest on arrival. "This is the best moment in...last five months...I feel great. Finally, I'm returning to my home town," he said. Navalny was flown to Germany after falling ill in August last year.
short by Shailesh / 08:58 pm on 17 Jan
The head of Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, said, "Pakistan and Turkey are two countries, [but] one nation." The two countries "not only share common culture and faith but also have similar interests and challenges", he added. Pakistan fully supports Turkey on its regional issues, he further said.
short by Shailesh / 06:56 pm on 18 Jan
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