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Late US university doctor sexually abused 177 male students
short by Anmol Sharma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Richard Strauss, an Ohio State University team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students during 1979-1997, according to an investigative report. Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005, groped or ogled men while treating athletes from around 16 sports. The report added the university officials knew about Strauss' conduct as early as 1979 but failed to take "meaningful action".
short by Anmol Sharma / 06:35 pm on 18 May
Trump says imported cars pose security threat, Toyota responds
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Japan's largest carmaker Toyota sharply criticised President Donald Trump's declaration on Friday that imported cars and components threaten US national security. The company said it has spent more than $60 billion building operations in the country, including 10 manufacturing plants. Trump's proclamation "sends a message to Toyota that our investments are not welcomed," it added.
short by Krishna Veera Vanamali / 05:33 pm on 18 May
We may reach Mars by 2060s: NASA scientist on Trump's 2033 target
short by Gaurav Shroff / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
NASA scientist Robert Howard has said it would be impossible to make the 2033 deadline for Mars, set by NASA under US President Donald Trump's administration. "I think in our current approach, we're going to be lucky to do it by 2037," Howard said, adding if he were to be pessimistic, and assume political constraints "it could be the 2060s".
short by Gaurav Shroff / 11:21 pm on 18 May
Doctors repair baby's spine in womb; 1st keyhole surgery in UK
short by Ankush Verma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
In a UK first, doctors have used keyhole surgery to successfully repair the spine of a baby with spina bifida while it was still inside the womb. Sherrie Sharp and her son Jaxson had the operation 27 weeks into the pregnancy. The routine 20-week pregnancy scans showed the baby's spine and spinal cord were not forming correctly.
short by Ankush Verma / 10:50 am on 18 May
Any threat to Sri Lanka is a threat to us: India
short by Nandini Sinha / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Any threat to Sri Lanka is seen as a threat to India, High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka Taranjit Singh Sandhu has said. "We will fight this jihadist ideology and jihadist terror together, shoulder to shoulder with you," he said assuring Sri Lanka of India's support in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday serial blasts which killed 257 people.
short by Nandini Sinha / 07:49 pm on 17 May
China man names dogs 'City Officer' and 'Traffic Warden', arrested
short by Ankush Verma / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A Chinese man has been arrested for naming his two "lazy" dogs "City Officer" and "Traffic Warden". Police accused him of sharing "insulting information on law enforcement officers" on social media platform WeChat. Reacting to the man's arrest, a social media user wrote, "To force a punishment can damage the dignity of the law and does not serve the public."
short by Ankush Verma / 11:00 pm on 17 May
Cross-party Brexit talks collapse as leaders fail to reach deal
short by Nandini Sinha / on 17 May 2019,Friday
The Brexit talks between the Labour and Conservative parties aimed at arriving at a compromise have collapsed without reaching a deal. Delay in Brexit had prompted talks between UK PM Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to see if the parties could come to a Brexit agreement. The two parties have differed on issues including holding second Brexit referendum.
short by Nandini Sinha / 07:16 pm on 17 May
US govt asked Congress to reimburse Taliban for travel expenses
short by Nandini Sinha / on 17 May 2019,Friday
The US government had asked the Congress to reimburse the Taliban for the travel expenses incurred while attending peace talks, a congressional aide said. However, a Capitol Hill committee denied the request as it'd have amounted to support for terrorists. The Taliban and the US have been participating in the talks with an aim to end the war in Afghanistan.
short by Nandini Sinha / 05:02 pm on 17 May
23-year-old Sikh denied entry into US restaurant for wearing turban
short by Nandini Sinha / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A 23-year-old Sikh man was denied entry into a restaurant in US' Port Jefferson for wearing a turban. "Throughout my life, I've faced verbal abuse and bullying about appearance...However, my basic freedoms of entering public accommodations were never infringed upon," Gurvinder Grewal said. The restaurant apologised, saying it doesn't allow headwear on weekends "to more capably identify people".
short by Nandini Sinha / 10:00 pm on 17 May
Boy lowered head-first into pipe to rescue girl stuck 13-feet under
short by Ankush Verma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
A video showing a boy being lowered head-first into a water-filled pipe in Russia to rescue a girl stuck 13-feet under has surfaced online. The girl fell inside the pipe after she stepped on the pipe's cover while running across the lawn. A group of passers-by lowered the boy into the pipe by tying their belts around his feet.
short by Ankush Verma / 04:30 pm on 18 May
US lawmaker says rape can be consensual, apologises later
short by Nandini Sinha / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
US Representative Barry Hovis said that rapes can be consensual during a debate on a bill to ban abortions after eight weeks, including in cases of rape and incest. "Sometimes you make a mistake and you own up to it," said Hovis who's a former police officer. However, he later apologised, saying "there is no such thing as consensual rape".
short by Nandini Sinha / 03:23 pm on 18 May
Sex cult head, held in 2018, had meetings with naked women: Witness
short by Ankush Verma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
The founder of an alleged US sex cult, who was arrested last year, held meetings in which female "slaves" gathered naked around him while he lectured them on philosophy, one of the women testified at his trial. When 58-year-old Keith Raniere was unable to attend the meetings in person, the women would take naked photos and text it to him.
short by Ankush Verma / 09:10 am on 18 May
3-legged dog finds baby buried alive by 15-year-old mother
short by Ankush Verma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
A disabled dog named Ping Pong found a baby boy who had been buried alive by his 15-year-old mother in Thailand. The canine's sniffing and digging attracted the attention of farmers to the spot in Ban Nong Kham village where the baby was buried. According to Ping Pong's owner, the dog's digging exposed the child's legs.
short by Ankush Verma / 12:00 pm on 18 May
Pain like no other: Prince William on mother Diana's death
short by Nandini Sinha / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
In a documentary about mental health, UK's Prince William said that the pain of losing his mother Princess Diana was "like no other". "It's going to be very difficult to come across something that's going to be even worse pain than that," he added. Prince William was 15 when his mother died in a car accident in Paris in 1997.
short by Nandini Sinha / 07:12 pm on 18 May
2.7L stateless Rohingya get ID cards, 1st documentation for many
short by Nandini Sinha / on 17 May 2019,Friday
Over 2.7 lakh Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh have been registered by the United Nations, several getting identity cards as their first-ever proof of documentation. The Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar have not been able to acquire formal citizenship, leaving them stateless and deprived of basic rights. The cards are aimed at improving the accuracy of data on refugees in Bangladesh.
short by Nandini Sinha / 08:55 pm on 17 May
US toddler lost in woods for 3 days found; rescuers heard his cries
short by Ankush Verma / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A nearly two-year-old US toddler survived in the woods alone for around three days after he went missing last week. Rescuers found Kenneth, whose cries led them to him, on Wednesday nearly 1,800 feet from his house. The child, who has been admitted to a hospital, was dehydrated but in good condition, according to police officials.
short by Ankush Verma / 04:20 pm on 17 May
Businessman sponsors boy who spoke 10 languages in viral video
short by Ankush Verma / on 17 May 2019,Friday
A businessman has sponsored the studies of a Cambodian boy who became an internet sensation last year, after a video showing him speaking at least 10 different languages went viral. In the video, Salik was seen speaking the languages while trying to sell souvenirs to a tourist in Cambodia. He is studying at the Hailiang Foreign Language School in China.
short by Ankush Verma / 04:55 pm on 17 May
Girl stripped, killed inside tunnel by gang she was about to expose
short by Ankush Verma / on 19 May 2019,Sunday
A 14-year-old US girl who was found dead inside a tunnel earlier this week was stripped before being stabbed and beaten by a group of teenagers. Ariana Funes-Diaz had been lured to the tunnel in Maryland on April 18 by the gang members. The gang believed she was going to inform police about a crime they'd committed a day earlier.
short by Ankush Verma / 02:15 pm on 19 May
Cold War-era 'coffin' leaking nuclear waste into Pacific: UN chief
short by Kanishka Pandey / on 19 May 2019,Sunday
A 40-year-old "coffin" built to contain nuclear waste could be leaking radioactive material into Pacific, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned. The US dumped waste from 67 nuclear tests it conducted from 1946-1958 during the Cold War into the crater, capped with an 18-inch-thick concrete dome. Its bottom was never lined as it was intended to be a temporary measure.
short by Kanishka Pandey / 08:19 am on 19 May
Austria's Vice-Chancellor resigns over video scandal
short by Nandini Sinha / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
Austria's Vice-Chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, resigned today after a secretly-filmed video showed him allegedly offering government contracts in return for campaign support. The video, filmed before the 2017 election, showed Strache meeting a woman who claimed to be a Russian oligarch's niece. She could be seen offering to support the Freedom Party and invest over €250 million in Austria.
short by Nandini Sinha / 09:02 pm on 18 May
US air strikes mistakenly kill 17 Afghan policemen
short by Nandini Sinha / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
US air strikes in Afghanistan mistakenly killed as many as 17 Afghan police officers during fighting with Taliban forces near the capital of Helmand province, Afghan officials said. Fourteen others were injured in the incident. US military personnel had worked with Afghan coordinators who "confirmed that the areas were clear of friendly forces", US officials said.
short by Nandini Sinha / 05:53 pm on 18 May
Ex-CIA officer who sold defence info to China jailed for 20 years
short by Ankush Verma / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
An ex-CIA officer has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for spying for China. Kevin Mallory was convicted under the Espionage Act for selling classified US defence information to a Chinese intelligence agent for $25,000 during trips to Shanghai in 2017. "Your object is to gain information, my object is to be paid," Mallory wrote in a 2017 message.
short by Ankush Verma / 02:20 pm on 18 May
N Korea asks UN to address seizure of its ship by 'gangster' US
short by Nandini Sinha / on 18 May 2019,Saturday
North Korea has asked UN Secretary-General António Guterres to deal with the seizure of one of its cargo ships by the US. "This act of dispossession indicate(s) the US is a gangster country that doesn't care about international laws," North Korea's ambassador to UN said. The US seized the ship, accusing it of illicit coal shipments in violation of sanctions.
short by Nandini Sinha / 04:47 pm on 18 May
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